A few parts left for the classic 160m - 10m bandswitching AM and CW transmitter. All tested and in excellent condition. For some items, we may have more than one. Inquire.

PLATE POWER TRANSFORMER 54-30, Excellent - with full length leads.
1800V at 400 mA - $65.00 each

PLATE POWER CHOKE, PN 46-10 power supply choke 5.5 Henries at 400 mA - $26.00 each.
(Seen on eBay for $67 plus shipping!)

LV CHOKE, Heathkit PN 46-11 with 7 Henries at 150 mA - $16.00 each.
(Seen on eBay for $25 plus shipping!)

LV transformer 54-31, SEC 635V at 150 mA, plus filaments etc. $35.00 each.

PLATE tuning Capacitor - $25.00 each.

DRIVER tuning capacitor - $15.00 each.

Loading Variable Capacitor 3-gang X 500 pF - $39.00 each.

Loading switched capacitors assembly with fixed capacitors - $4.00 each.

5R4 tubes, used, tested $3.00 each.

5V4 tube, used, tested - $9.00 each.

6146 tubes, used, tested - $16.00 each.

12BY7 tube, used, tested - $4.00 each.

5763 tube used, tested - $2.00 each.

6AQ5 tube used, tested - $2.00 each.

12AX7 tube used, tested - $10.00 each.

OA2 tube used, tested - $2.00 each.

SET OF ALL TUBES (without 6AU6, 1625s) - $48.00

DX100 Meter switch assembly - rotary switch.
Available for $4.00 each.

DX100 AM-CW switch assembly - rotary switch.
Available for $4.00 each.

BANDSWITCH assembly, multi-section - $12.00



Plate RF choke assembly for RF final - $12.00

RF Final Coil with taps for all bands. Plus auxiliary coil - $18.00
(see above for band-switch assembly.)

DRIVER COIL ASSEMBLY, bandswitching - $4.00

CHASSIS assembly for DX100 with most tube sockets - $36.00

CHASSIS assembly for DX100 without tube sockets - $25.00

Audio input jack assembly with bracket, 5 capacitors,
3 resistors, terminal strips etc. - $5.00
Bleeder resistor - 15 K plus 15K-ohms - $10.00

10K at 10 Watts resistor - $2.00

Driver coil assembly, bandswitching - $8.00

Pair of 6146 octal sockets, ceramic and mounting hardware, ceramic on plate with RF Choke, capacitors, hardware etc. - $12.00

Pair of 1625 tube sockets (7-pin), ceramic and mounting hardware, ceramic - $10.00

LV can Capacitor - $5.00

DX100 postentiometer, audio gain - $3.00

DX100 potentiometer, BIAS - $3.00

Pair of 1625 ceramic plate cap connectors - $10.00

LOT of RFCs, coils, Power resistors, small resistors etc. $10.00

CRYSTAL SOCKETS assembly for DX100B - holds four (4) FT243 crystals - $24.00

Click here to buy CRYSTALS for the DX100

When these items are sold, they will be marked as such on this web page (or removed.)

Please e-mail me or check back on this web page to see what is still available (save as a Favorite - or right click and create a shorcut on your desktop so you can come back here!)

I will try to update it frequently as each of the items is sold, or spoken for.

Payment is accepted via check, money order, Paypal or credit card. Shipping will be additional on all items.

73 - Brian, AF4K

NO SALES TO ITALY or ARGENTINA unless you accept that items may be LOST and you agree to not file claims for loss. For other, non-USA mainland destinations, PLEASE ALLOW for shipping to take up to 4 to 6 WEEKS! After numerous losses, thefts and claims, we usually no longer ship to these two countries. Sorry. Inquire by e-mail for details.

Shipping costs will be added all prices - please state your zip code for the larger items.


For small orders, add $7.00 for USA shipping and $2 for Paypal fee.

OR: to inquire or buy any item(s):

CLICK HERE to E-mail me

73 from Brian ((( Amateur Radio G3XLQ / AF4K )))

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