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The purpose of the Florida Boatanchors E-mail List is to facilitate communication among those radio
enthusiasts (primarily amateur radio operators) in
the State of Florida who enjoy collecting, repairing,
restoring, trading, buying and selling older radio transmitters,
Receivers and accessories.

Right now we have about 90 people but we need more traffic!
Please speak up on the reflector! WE ALL want to hear from YOU!
Also, invite your friends by pointing them to THIS WEB PAGE!

The list is known as "FLBOATANCHORS" on the Yahoo Groups system.

Everyone is welcome! Please invite your friends to join us!

We share information about radios, accessories and parts,
upcoming events such as Hamfests, swapmeets, club gatherings
and FAWG meetings etc. We also help one another with tips,
modification information, service information etc.

Please SPEAK UP on the list! We want to hear from MORE of you!!

You can also POST and RETRIEVE FILES for this group from the web!

There's more information about this group at the Yahoo site

Subscribing is easy!! Just put in your
e-mail address, then click on the button to the right!

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E-mail List Administrator (please use the subject 'FLBOATANCHORS')

Swap Nets and AM Nets etc. in and around Florida

I need to verify these...
Any additions, especially local 2m swap nets
around Florida would be appreciated here!

Monday 2000 EST on 146.76 MHz OARC Traders Net in Orlando
Monday at 0000 UTC on 3898 kHz - Gator Traders Net
Monday at 0000 UTC on 3920 kHz - Central States Swap Net
Tuesday at 1830 on 3885 kHz SAMRC Traders Net WA4KCY
Wednesday at 2000 EST on 3945 kHz - Florida Traders Net
Thursday at 0000 UTC on 3885 kHz - AM Traders Net
Thursday 6pm EST on 3885 kHz - Gulf COast Mullet Society AM Net
Thursday at 1830 on 3885 kHz - AM Swap (old listing)
Friday at 0000 UTC on 3975 kHz - Traders Net
Friday at 1830 on 3898 kHz - Swap Net
Friday at 2200 EST on 3919 kHz - East Coast Traders Net
Saturday at 1400 UTC on 7275 kHz - Old AM and Homebrew discussion Net
Sunday at 0000 UTC on 3922 kHz - Continental Traders Net
Sunday 0730 EST on 3945 kHz - Florida Traders Net
Sunday 0900 CST on 7245 - Texas Traders Net
Sunday 1300 UTC on 7275 kHz - Georgia Traders Net
Sunday 1230 UTC on 3945 kHz - Florida Traders Net
Sunday 1300 on 3885 kHz - Traders Net WA4KCY
Sunday 1300 on 3902 kHz - 3900 Traders Net
Sunday at 2100 UTC on 3942 kHz - Horse Traders Net
Sunday at 1900 UTC on 3922 kHz - Continental Traders Net
Sunday at 1900 UTC on 7235 kHz - Texas Traders Net
Sunday at 2000 EST on 146.82 MHz - Central Florida Listeners Group

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