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WEB SEARCH (he he!)

Crystals Available for your vintage AM and CW rigs by AF4K - Click here for all of your radio crystal needs!

U.K. Wireless Set #12 from WW II - picture courtesy of Wireless for the Warrior

Also: LISTING BY STATE (North America)

ABC Electronics
This place deals in more in used parts than new. A fun place to poke around.
315 7th Ave N.
Minneapolis, MN 55401-1237
phone: 612.332.2378

Acme Electronics Inc. (AEI Electronic Parts)
This place has both new and used parts and will make industrial as well as retail sales.
224 Washington Ave N.
Minneapolis, MN 55401-1606
phone: 612.338.4754
phone: 800.328.0270

Acme Industrial Surplus: The kind of place Wyley E. Coyote 
would love. :-)
Sanford, FL
Not listed in phone book.
Not a lot of electronics though. Larger electrical and pneumatic
stuff, motors, generators etc.
Barry Bobes: Dealer in military commodities,
Everything from PRC-77's to Helicopters.

Active Surplus                Phone number needed
347 Queen Street West 
On the south side of the street, a couple of
streetcar stops west of City TV.

A.H. Supplies                 1742 444278
Address needed
Was - Sheffield
England    (not Sheffield any more)
Mail order only.

AJH Electronics               Phone number needed
Tony Hibberd
Hunter's Lane
Rugby                         Some military surplus radio gear too!

Aladdin's Caves               Phone number needed
Address Needed
Near London
Bought the old Colomor Electronics stock recently.

Alladin's Lamp Antique Mall   (360) 647-0066
427 West Holly                They have been known to have tubes, radios
Bellingham, WA 98225          and test gear at times.

American Connectors           (305) 362-5388
POB 5397                      Helpful but expensive
Hialeah, FL 33014-1397        Connectors for military gear
Fax: 305-362-5540

Anchor Electronics
2040 Walsh Ave
Santa Clara, CA
Tel: 727-3693

Anchor Surplus                115 986 4902
Address needed
Nottingham & Ripley

Anchor Surplus                +44 1602 864902 or 864041
The Old Cattle Market
Nottingham NG2 3GY
Tel: 0115-9864041 or 9864902

Anchor Surplus
Steam Mill Lane
Peasehill Road
Tel: m 01773 - 570139

Antique Radio Classified      (508) 371-0512
John V. Terrey, Publisher Fax:(508) 371-7129
P.O.  Box 2-V75
Carlisle MA 01741 USA         A great magazine full of ads!

APEX Electronics Co.                      Phone number needed
Address needed!
In the north San Fernando Valley 
(Just off Lankershim, on S.F. Mission? )
San Fernando, CA

APEX Electronics Co.                      Phone number needed
Address needed!
Van Nuys / Sun Valley, CA
Supplier of electronic surplus parts and equipment of all kinds

APEX ELECTRONICS              818-767-7202
8909 San Fernando Road
Sun Valley, CA ZIP
A back-in-time electronics parts and crystals place
Reported to have some old WW2 era radio gear, 
parts etc. MAY be the same as APEX listed above!

Associated Radio              (800) 497-1457
8012 Conser
Overland Park, KS 66204
Web page:
Location is 15 miles southwest of downtown Kansas City,
MO in Overland Park, KS. Turn west at 79th & Metcalf to
Conser. Turn south and store is on your right half a
block. Prices tend to be high.
Info source: N0LNY  of the Four States Antique Radio Club (Stephen Phipps)

Asset Recovery Corp,     (612) 641-0789
1907 Charles Ave
St. Paul, MN
Supposed to be pretty good, but not open on weekends.

Astatic Mic Elements:
Bill  K5UGM                   972-986-5361
William Duval
2316 Spanish Trail
Irving, TX 75060
Astatic D104 Xtal Mike Elements for  $10.00 plus  $1.00  Shipping.

Astro Too Surplus       407-253-3371
Tim Medzius        FAX: 407-727-1546
2854 Sarno Road,
Melbourne, FL 32935
Web Site:
Mostly Test Equipment

Austin Electronics
New & Used Electronics, Motors, Etc.
6050 Center Place
Norcross, GA 30093
phone: 770.449.8697
fax: 770.263.9488
hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-5:30

The Axeman           (612) 646-8653.
1639 University Ave.
St. Paul, MN
Neat surplus stuff and pure ambience
(Just head east from on your left for a Burger King.) 
There are also at least two satellite stores. Call for information
Ax Man Surplus
A good source of mechanical parts.
location 1: 
1639 University Ave W.
St Paul, MN 55104-3820
phone: 612.646.8653
location 2: 
9801 James Circle S.
Bloomington, MN 55431-2919
phone: 612.884.2668
location 3: 
6235 Highway 65 NE
Fridley, MN 55432-5119
phone: 612.572.3730

Baco Surplus Stores           Phone number needed
Kromhoutstraat 36-38
The Netherlands. 
They have piles of vibrators in varying conditions. You might have to root through them, though.

Baginton Electronics
See entry for 'JOHN COGGINS'

Tim Banse                     Phone number needed
P.O. Box 2522                 Surplus military gear, batteries
Iowa City, IA 52244           S.A.S.E. for list

BARAN'S                       (717) 779-0439
Michael Baranowsky        or  (717) 779-2725
Address Needed
Plymouth, PA
Military Radios - R-392s, R-390A parts, T-195 radios, knobs, meters, 
connectors, etc.  Best time to reach him is 1900-2200 Eastern time.

Barnett Electronics     (800) 423-3858
Address needed
Lonoke AR       They advertise quite a bit of GE used equip.

Dave Bertman, AB7B            (503) 223-5295
1314 SW Hall, E,
Portland, OR 97201            R-390, T-368 and other surplus radios

Big Horn Museum of Amateur radio, 816-882-5670 or 816-882-9000.
PO Box 64, 
New Franklin, MO 65274.

503 Parkway Drive,
Booneville, MO 65233, 
E-mail Don at:
He buys, sells, trades & liquidates estates   
Specializing in vintage ham gear.

J. Birkett                   (0) 1552 520767
25 The Strait
(Only 3 miles from the airfield from where the WW2 "bouncing bomb" raid 
was launched).  Jack is a good guy. Thanks for info: Dave, G3SEP!

Boeing Surplus Retail Store
Old hand and machine tools, decommissioned electronic equipment, computers, office furniture. A unique assortment of scrap metals including aluminum and titanium alloy.
20651 84th Ave S.
Kent, Washington
phone: 425.393.4065

Christopher Bucca             Phone number needed
KC2BZH                        20-50 MHz FM vehicular & backpack
96-16  156 Avenue             Korean-war-era
Howard Beach, NY 11414        military surplus rigs For sale

Burden's Suplus Center        (800) 488-3407
1015 W. "O" Street            Catalog of motors, isolation xfmrs etc.
PO Box 82209                  Mostly hydraulics, but they do sell some 
Lincoln NE 68501-2209         transformers etc. No RF parts.

Don Busick, K5AAD             Phone number needed
12310 Zavalla St.             Hundreds of panel meters left over from the
Houston, TX 77085             closing of Madison Electronics.  Most are NOS 
                              (in original boxes), some surplus,  some antiques.
Donald P. Busick 
1006 Ashford Pky
Houston, TX 77077

Bernie Caruso                 (302) 875-1444  Shop
Address needed                
Delaware                      Lots of Boatanchors for Sale
2004 - tried phone numbers. No answer.  

Central Elecronics Co.        (334) 735-6474.
809 Court St., 
Utica, NY 13502    
Location is across the street from the F.X. Matt
brewery (which has tours, complete with product
samples!), well off the street behind a seperate
building occupied by R.J. Nudo Co. All kinds of
industrial surplus electronic parts from vacuum tube to
solid state vintage: resistors, capacitors, pots, real
air variable caps, tube sockets, power transformers,
real d'Arsonval panel meters of every description,
knobs, blowers, wire, copper clad pc board stock, tons
of hardware of all kinds by the pound, etc, etc.  Also
various older test equipment. Warning! "Larry" is abrupt!
No mail orders. Walk-in only.
Info source: Ed Greeley  E-mail:

Central PA Radio Collectors Club Swap Meet
Clover Leaf Barn Antiques & Gift Village
120 McCracken Rd., off Rte 54 W
 Exit 33, I-80 Danville, PA
Dealer space free, bring your own tables
Old Radios, phonographs, tube audio, and telegraph
Call for dates & times:
Frank Hagenbuch (717) 326-0932
or  Mike Heffner (717) 546-2907
Info source:  Doug Ripka, KA3TTQ

Colomor Electronics
John Giacomelli may be still in business.  Try
01403 - 786659 or 786660

Columbia Electronics International Inc.
Paul Keys, President
PO Box 960
Somis, CA 93066, USA
They sell Military radios & test sets and have manuals for same.
Phone: 805-386-2312
Fax:   805-386-2314
Visit their web site for latest availability listings

Compass Electronics Supply    No voice phone callers
465 Market Street        FAX: (973) 278-5708
Paterson, NJ 07501            Large variety of military surplus
                              radios & parts

F.J. Conway
2217 NE 17th, Terrace
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33305-2415

WWII ELECTRONIC equipment for sale. 
Send $2.00 for 40 page list and receive $5.00 credit on 1st order.

Michael Crestohl KH6KD/W1      (Tel: 617) 581-5479 Internet:
(spy radios etc.)              Exotic military/government radio equipment
263 Nahant Road,               Covert, miniature, "spy" radio sets
Nahant MA 01908-1342           Bought, sold, traded.

C & H Sales Co.                 (800)325-9465, (213)681-4925,
2176 E Colorado Blvd          (818)796-2628
Pasadena CA 91107             Fax (818)796-4875
Mail address; P.O. Box 5356 Pasadena, CA 91117-9988
Surplus, mainly heavier stuff, power supplies, transformers,
motors, solenoids, crystal assortment (non-ham) mil. Surplus
50 MHz helmet-mounted xcvrs. etc. Free catalog available, fast service.

G. Cain
P.O. Box 521                  Send large SASE for list of ham, military,
Shakopee, MN 55379       test equipment and manuals. (10/97)

Canadian PW & SSC             514-283-6297 / 800-283-6297
Crown Assets division
Address needed                Canadian government surplus equip.
Montreal.                     Mailing lists for various categories

Stuart Carter, W4NHC          407-727-3015
680 Fernwood Dr.
Melbourne, FL 32904
Parts, mics, tubes, receivers, transmitters etc.

Centre Electronics            (0121) 706-0261
H.P Turner
345 Stockfield Road
The do have some military surplus radio gear - e.g.
Stocked in 1994: R107. R1132A, R1149, R1355, various
Eddystone Rx, RF26, A510, 29 set remote control, plus assorted
unidentified "bits", and cables. Lots of valves. Large box of old
(loose) connectors and knobs. Range of original user and
service manuals.
Directions: From A45 Coventry road on E side of Birmingham,
turn S at South Yardley R'bout for Acocks Green. At next r'bout,
take 2nd exit into Stockfield Rd, shop on RHS in row of shops.
Hours: Mon, Tues: 7 - 9pm; Thurs, Fri, Sat: 10:00 - 4:00 (but not totally reliable !)
Small electronics retailer, mostly old, second-hand items.
Comments: Real junk shop with ancient "finds" to be discovered in dark corners
(Such as the door stop alias an ATU No.6 !). Has some rare manuals 
(e.g. ZC1, 53 set, R216 EMER, BC348) and will provide photocopies 
at low prices (he can provide a list for anyone interested).
He is also the official dealer for Eddystone Rx spares.

Chevet Supplies Ltd.    (0) 1253 751858
157 Dickson Rd
Blackpool FY1 2EU

Chris Clotworthy              Phone number needed
Address needed
Military radio collector who has extensive knowledge
of Surplus Stores in the UK. Anyone know how to reach him?

John Coggins, G3TFC           1293 302668
Address needed           FAX: 1293 302449
Near Coventry Airport
His old shop/museum is still in the
village, although looking a bit run-down, and his workshop/stores is
still at the vehicle entrance to the freight terminal. The airfield is
now operated by Air Atlantique. John trades informally in military 
surplus radio gear etc. Mostly at mobile rallies. He also has 
valves, crystals etc.

Colomor Electronics           181 743 0899
Address needed

Dave's Antique Service
3210 S. Dodge #11
Tucson AZ 85713 
(520) 790 2618

Davilyn Corp.                 (800) 235-6222 / (818) 787-3334
13406 Saticoy St.             FAX: (818) 787-4732
North Hollywood, CA   91605-3475   Surplus electronic gear, incl. Collins.

Debco Electronics             (800) 423-4499      Call for free copy of
4025 Edwards Road             FAX: (513) 531-4455  experimenters journal
Cincinatti, OH 45209          & catalog. Components, chips surplus crystals

Defense Reutilization         BBS: (901) 775-6621
Marketing Organization (DRMO)
2163 Airways Blvd, Bldg 210/5
Memphis, TN 38114-5211        Government Surplus

Dexis Corp.             612-944-7670
9749 Hamilton Rd
Eden Prairie, MN
This place has quite a bit of stuff in a big warehouse.

Display Electronics    Phone number needed
Dave Fisher
Address needed
Established for over 25 years and probably Europe's
largest stocks of surplus electronic components and equipment. Based in
south east london near to the famous Crystal Palace transmitter site.
Specialising in all types of Test Equipment, Electronic Components and
Surplus / Obsolete semiconductors. Their web site at
gives full details with an On line search system that can browse and order anything from an ever changing stock of over 16 Million items !!  

Stephen Douglas K6HZT         Phone number needed
DF Systems
P.O.Box 246925                Radio Direction Finding
Sacramento, CA 95824-6925     Electronic Surplus

Robert W. Downs,  WA5CAB      (713) 467-5614
2027 Mapleton Drive
Houston, TX 77043
He has parts and documents and his prices are resonable.

Luc Dugas                      (418) 723-9689
235, Route Des Neigette
Rimouski             Military surplus and other radio gear
Province of Quebec   Collector, tubes etc., with some for sale.
Canada G0K 1H0

Military Wireless Museum
Kidderminster, Worcestershire

Collection of British, US, German, Japanese, French and other countries
military radios.
Closes for winter, re-opens in March
(Can accommodate small parties by appointment though)

Durrants Radio                 (44) (0) 1743 361 239
85 Wyle Cop, 
Shrewsbury, SY1 1UT      Surplus parts, valves, (807, 6V6 etc.) boards etc.
England                       Send SASE for catalogue

Eddie Warner Electronics                   (615) 254-1224 
521 8th Avenue South                     FAX: (615) 254-1227
Nashville, TN 37203 
Electronic Parts etc.

Edlie Electronics Inc.        (516) 735-3330
2700 Hempstead Tpk.
Levittown, NY 11756           Parts, kits, surplus

One of the best-kept secrets of the ham radio world.
Barry Wiseman N6CSW
14643 County Road G
Cortez CO 81321-9575
$28 year (12 issues) second class
$38 first class

Electronic Enterprises        (705) 746-1376  /  746-7377
Frank Delucca
131 Gibson Street        FAX: (705) 746-1570
Parry Sound, ONT          Military Surplus Catalog - GREAT STUFF!
CANADA P2A 1X8            He has 19 sets, accessories, parts etc.

The Electronics Exchange Inc.
8644 St. Charles Rock Road    Boatanchor parts etc.
St. Louis, MO  63114          Only a few radios
314-426-3056,  fax 314-426-4848

Electronic Surplus Industries Ltd. (416) 787-1837
Address needed                Tube testers
Canada                        (info source: David O'Rourke at:)           (

Electronics Plus              (800) 591-9009  William Allen Jr.
10302 Southard Drive          (301) 937-9009
Beltsville, MD 20705     FAX: (301) 937-5092 Abundant surplus. All kinds
of parts for the hobbyist. New Old Stock (NOS) parts, 20,000 tubes
transistors, ham radio homegrew parts etc. No catalog. Call them.
Exit I-95 East on Hwyw 212 to (R) on Hwy 1. Just ahead on left.

Electronic Salvage            505 296 6389  
Central Ave @ Wyoming         Other surplus place on Central Ave.
Albuquerque, NM               has many tubes, parts etc.
INFO via:
fax 505 296 3922
Web Site:

 Oren Elliot Products          phone number needed
Address needed
Edgerton, OH                  Surplus parts incl. air variable capacitors

Henry Engstrom KD6KWH         (707) 544-5179
P.O. Box 5846                 Command sets!
Santa Rosa,CA 95402           ARC-5 and other military surplus etc.

Euroscape Communications Group
Phil Rowles                   0171 631 0293
9 Goodwood Court        FAX:  0171 631 0294
Devonshire Street 
London W1 N 1LR 
Good quality government surplus radios etc. including Racal.
Web site:

Fair Radio Sales              (419) 227-6573
1016 E. Eureka                (419) 223-2196  FAX: (419) 227-1313
Box 1105                      Parts, transformers, power supplies,
Lima, OH 45802                Surplus and gov't surplus radios etc.

Fertik's Electronics            (215) 455-2121
5400 Ella St.
Philadelphia, PA  19120         Surplus parts, variacs etc.

Fistell's Electronic Supply Co. (303) 629-1312
1001 Bannock Street             (800) 445-0916
Denver, CO 80204           FAX: (303) 893-4376 
Tubes, test gear, chassis, and all manner of electronics parts.
Good stock of tape and supplies for 1/4" reel-to-reel recorders.
This is a lovely 60 year-old family owned store.
Web site:

W.J. Ford Surplus Enterprises  613-283-5195
21 Market St. N.           FAX 613-283-0637
Smiths Falls, ON K7A 4T6, 
Electronic test and measurement equipment, radio receivers, transceivers,
laboratory and scientific items, collectables and curiousities.

Robert Fowle                  (517) 789-6721
1215 Winifred Street          Buy/sell vintage gear, NOS parts, manuals
Jackson, MI 49202-1946        Hammarlund parts, numerous others too.  OR IS IT:

P.O. BOX 60011
HARRISBURG, PA  17106-0011    Military Surplus radios & accessories.

G & J Imports    (818) 999-1257
7657 Winnetka Avenue, Suite 203
Winnetka, CA 91306
Surplus Russian radios etc.

Future-Bot Components
106 Commerce Way #A8
Jupiter, FL 33458
(407) 575-1487

GWM Radio                     +44 1903 234897
40/42 Portland Rd
Sussex  BN11 1QN

GWM Radio Ltd
40/42 Portland Road
Sussex BN11 1QW
Tel:  01903-234897
Fax: 01903-239050

Garex Electronics                                  Phone: +44 (0)7714 198374
Peter Longhurst
Parts for old Pye radios etc. etc.

Gateway Electronics, Inc.     (314) 427-6116
John Young
8123-25 Page Blvd.
St. Louis, MO   63130         A few bits of BA gear and test equipment.

E. T. Greeley                 Phone number needed
P.O. Box 50871                SASE for list
Mobile, AL 36605              Military radio gear and test equipment

Haltek Electronics
1062 Linda Vista Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94043
Tel: (415) 969-0510
Fax: (415) 964-6973

Haney Electronic Company      (817) 496-3346
Steven Haney. Military Surplus radios etc. Don't let the name fool ya. He's
not out to scam anyone; runs his business outta his garage (no overhead).
Has pretty good prices, but if he quotes you a price, make sure you get it
on tape if you wanna think about it before telling him you want it right
then... Info source: KJ5GU

HdB Electronics
2860 Spring Street
Redwood City, CA 94063
Tel: (415) 368-1388

Eli Heffron & Sons
Surplus and used equipment, electonics and computer parts.
139 Hampshire St.
Cambridge, MA
phone: 617.547.4005

Nick Hersey                   Phone number needed
1459 San Juline Cir           TM series manuals
St.Augustine, FL 32095-4725   and other military manuals
Nick deals In all types of Electronic items: Parts, Manuals, Older gear,
Motorola Commerial Radios, Out of date Mazagines...

Steve Hevener, W8KBF          (330) 659-3244
The Signal Corps
3583 Everett Road             WWII Military radio catalog 54 pages
Richfield, OH 44286           Historical information - $3.00

Ronald H. Hinze               (612) 766-9154
4201 Shirlee Lane North	      ARC-5 radios, receivers
Shoreview, MN  55126          xmtrs, modulators, dynamotors etc.
Large selection of transmitters, receivers, modulators, dynamotors, and
accessories.  Some new in the box.

HOBBY FACTORY                 781-485-1414
Rick, W1DEJ               Fax 781-289-1717 
1111 North Shore Rd. 
Revere, MA 02151. 
Military radios & used ham gear

Dave Hockaday                 Phone number needed
Radio WB4IUY                  Dave has a bunch of BA parts for sale.
7804 River Dare Ave           See his web page for a list.
Youngsville, NC 27596

Howard and Tony               (919) 441-1360 [9 AM - 6 PM EST]
Address needed           FAX: (919) 441-7322
North Carolina                Sell R-390A Receivers and parts

Industrial Surplus            (612) 332-2369
315, 7th Avenue N.
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Electronic Parts etc.
Might be wholesale-only? Call first!

J.B. Electronics               (708) 982-1973
Jack Burg
3446 Dempster Street
Skokie IL 60076
Surplus test equipment outfit - not cheap!

J & J Surplus                 (301) 722-6022
1306 Chipmunk Lane N.E.
Cumberland, MD 21502    Some limited electronic surplus

Don Jeffrey                   Phone number needed
P.O. Box 1164                 Often has Gonset, RME and
Monrovia, CA 91017            Hallicrafters gear for sale etc.

Johns                          01274 684007
Address needed   USA Call: 011-44-1274-684007

Gary Johnson                  (606) 745-4018
Military Surplus radios etc. He's an ok guy. Decent prices.  has prc-77's
as well as the vehicular audio amplifiers for same etc.
Info source: KJ5GU

104 Glenwood Dr.
Williamsburg, VA 23185
Send S.A.S.E. for large list of parts, books and ham gear etc,

Bill  K5UGM            972-986-5361
Address needed
Astatic D104 Xtal Elements
He  gets  $10.00 plus  $1.00  Shipping.
Thanks to Bob  K1JNN/5 for the information!

John Kakstys                  (908) 486-6917
18 Hillcrest Terrace          Tubes, antennas, parts of all kinds, manuals,
Linden, NJ  07036             used HF & VHF ham radios, accessories etc.
E-mail:      Large SASE for list. Or, E-mail him.
W2FNT: Manuals, Used Radios & accessories, books, tubes, parts, mics etc. 

Gene Katz         (609) 866-1189 (H)
Radio KC6BLD      (609) 722-3035 (W)
910 W Phillips Apt 248
Ontario, CA 91762             Buys & sells Various older radios,
                              Books, tech manuals, magazines etc.

Ken Kolthoff  913-585-1196
8967 Scott Dr.
DeSoto, KS 66018   FS: Command set transmitters and receivers

Kemner Enterprises      (610) 495-5367 / 369-0310 Ext 152
Zern's Farmers Market  (FRI & SAT only)
Gilbertsville, PA
1 Mile E. of  Rt. 100 on Rt 73
Postal Address:
17 Lightcap Road
Pottstown, PA 19464
Surplus Electronics, Tubes, SAMS Photofacts, resistors, 
capacitors, test equip. etc.  Orphan computer hardware
and software too! Old radios, camcorders etc. 
'We buy tubes.'
E-mail:  /  KEMNENT@AOL.COM (??)

John E. Kendall               (410) 483 3884  10am-9pm
P.O. Box 436 
Fallston, Md. 21047           Sells a variety of tube & military                surplus radios. Antique table radios & 
some comm gear.
Send S.A.S.E. for catalog. Mail-order only!

Carl Konefsky  Phone number needed
Address needed
I buy sell and trade Military Radios of all types what do you have or
want maybe I have it. Looking for Mark ll items. Looking for
Tactical stuff also.  Will trade BA stuff for these items.

CLAY J KREIDER - KC0ERY  - Tel.  303-879-0226
1760 W 54TH AVE
Buy - Sell - Trade Old AM 2m rigs

Bruce Kryder                  (615) 794-9692
4003 Laurawood Lane           Plastic dials for
Franklin, TN 37067            Johnson gear

Leed Electronics               718 963-1764
68 North 7th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Surplus parts etc. for older Boatanchor radios etc.
Some customers have noted that you are likely to get 
a lot of bad attitude from the people at this company.
I can' t say from personal experience as I have not dealt 
with them, but be warned.

Murray Leshner K3FD           Phone number needed
349 Lane Ave                  He has several thousand
Holland, MI 49423             Heath Transformers to sell.
Web pages:    

Mike Linger -- (409) 693-1461  Military Surplus radios etc.
May have access to BC's...not real sure.. I know he has
some test equipment he's trying to sell if he hasn't sold
it locally yet...  Info source: KJ5GU

Stephen E. Lipsky             215-884-1817
Radio W2VVN          Summer:  609 361-8175
1254 Cox Road
Rydal, PA 19046-1207 
(near Philadelphia). Call for shipping prices. (give zipcode) 
Supplier of older AM/FM and SW radios, military radios, manuals, 
schematics, parts, Collins 455 kHz filters, etc.

MDM RADIO LTD                 (708) 681-0300
1629-B N 31 ST AVE
MDM RADIO'S GARAGE SALE (from time to time!)

Marine Electronics of the Outer Banks
Tony or
Howard Rock
4711 Croatan Hwy, Suite 6B, 
Nags Head, NC 27959
phone: 919.441.1360    fax: 919.441.7322
Vintage & Military radios for sale. Also marine radios & test equipment
Web Page:

Marinens Overskotts - forsaljning   Phone number needed
39 Kvarnholmsvagen,
Finnboda Varv, 
(near Nacka/Stockholm)
Info source: Paul Bernhardt, KF4FOR
Or via Jan Axing, SM5

Bob McKowen                   (319)653-5776
215 S. Ave. C.            Fax (319)653-2548
Washington, Iowa 52353        Abundance of military radios, ARC-5 etc. 
Reasonable prices. He has a huge inventory of WW-II and Korean era parts 
and equipment, especially radio/radar and warbird parts.

M & B Radio                   (44) 1132-435649
 (Use 01132-435649 within UK)
86 Bishopsgate St, 
Leeds LS1 4BB
Racal receivers, test gear, occasional
older military equipment.

Martin Lynch & Son             +44 (181) 566 1120
140-142 Northfield Avenue
London W13  9SB 

David Medley  KI6QE/7 aka VK2IMJ
1020 West Oleta Drive
Tucson AZ  85704
Source of R390/390A hard to find parts and special
services. Incl. R-390A covers & meters.

Memphis Amateur Electronics, Inc.         901 683-9125
1465 Wells Station Road                 Fax: 901-682-7165
Memphis, TN 38108-3695
M-F 9 am to 5 pm CST, Sat 9 am to Noon
They sell some BA rigs (and other used stuff) on their web site and are 
reportedly a fun place to visit. 

Don Merz, N3RHT               (412) 234-8819
47 Hazel Drive,               weekdays, EST or leave message
Pittsburgh, PA 15228.
Antique, ham and military surplus radio sales

Methodical Engineers, Ltd.    (0268)792681
Manor Trading Estate,   FAX:  (0268)795375
4/6 Armstrong Road,
Benfleet, Essex, SS74PW, England
Telex:  METHCO 99214
Some RAF "boat keys", misc BA items, wireless set 19 accessories, etc..
Formerly W.A. Parker

MG Electronics                (904)-287-0721
PMB 124                 Fax:  (904) 287-4933
1177 Park Ave. Suite #5
Orange Park, FL 32073          Surplus Test Equipment, antennas, power supplies, 
                               microwave gear etc.
Web Site

Midwest Surplus and Electronics
124 12th Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN 55415-1221
phone: 612.339.9533

Milcom Co.
Military surplus such as HT-2A, GRC-106 
parts and other things

Military Marketing Inc.       (770) 729-9315
P.O. Box 741                  Buys and sells BA ham and
Norcross, GA 30091            military surplus radios

Rick Mish(?)
Address needed
Military surplus radios

Mock Electronics Surplus       205-539-2401
2310 Memorial Parkway 
Huntsville, AL 35801 
Surplus electronic parts etc.

MTM Electronics Ltd.          (303) 223-7361
2050 Airway Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80524        Military surplus radios, test equip.

Michael Murphy Surplus Materials
Murphy's Electronic & Industrial Surplus Warehouse
Michael Murphy
401 N. Johnson Ave.
El Cajon CA 92020
(619) 444-7717
OR: (619) 561-2726 & (619) 444-7713
fax (619) 444-6750
Reference: Murphy's Military Surplus radios etc. His prices are fairly high but he has some unusual, hard-to-find stuff. Info source: KJ5GU

Reference: Just a comment re: Murphy's in El Cajon, CA.  His prices are not high -
they're very reasonable.  I've bought a few thousand $ worth of radios
from him & always got a great price!  He DOES have very expensive
equipment; but, it is for a reason - state-of-the-art military WJ,
Collins, Harris, etc.  It's expensive, but his price is not higher than
anyone else's for the same gear.  Also, the front room has REALLY NICE
OLD BA stuff from time-to-time.  It moves fast, the junk stays put!  
73s   Don Davis

Ben Nock, G4BXD           (44) 1562 743253
WORCS DY11 6RP                Can help locate British mil. surplus
England                       Has over 280 military surplus radios for sale

Nortex Electronics         817-731-6611
5156 Vickery Loop East
Fort Worth, Texas 76116 
Open Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00-5:30 CST 
Lewis E. Cearly 

Northland Radio           613-398-1889 
P.O. Box 640 
Frankford Ontario 
Canada K0K - 2C0

VE3AAM's 'NORTHLAND RADIO' - supplier of powerful used AM BC Transmitters, boatanchor parts etc.


Address needed
Myron White at (503) 629-5513 
Or  Kirk  {PARC} 503-786-5142 - 
E-mail:  kirk.c.smith@bangate1.TEK.COM

Mike Nowlen, WB4UKB           (703) 716-1363
Michael J. Nowlen 
2212 Burgee Ct
Reston, VA 20191              Great deals on 6m FM converted rigs
E-mail:     40-100 Watts from commercial service.
Call before 10PM EST please. Answering machine picks up on 4th ring.

Mark Olson KE9PQ              (414) 434-8097 after 6:00pm CST
1490 Norfield Rd. 
Suamico,Wi. 54173
Boatanchor parts, relays, roller inductors etc.

Olson Electronics             (410) 636-1619 
6007 Olson Road
Baltimore, MD
Gary Green (Olson Electronics) in Baltimore has some of those counters
South-East Baltimore (Brooklyn area).  To get there take 695 to Rt. 2
inside the Beltway (towards Brooklyn), turn left on Hammonds Lane, turn
left on Olson Rd. Go to 6007 Olson Rd. (You might think you are lost
because this is a residential neighborhood.) There is a fence that crosses
the road.  He is the white building just inside the fence on the left. 
You should see electronic stuff piled outside.  He is normally there on
Saturday mornings. You can tell him I sent you.  I think you will be
impressed with the pile of stuff." - Anonymous ham(!)

Ontario Surplus               (716) 265-9096 = Office
Benjamin Brown                (315) 524-4152  = Warehouse 
6375 Furnace Rd
Ontario, NY 14519
Ontario                       Military Radios etc. for sale

Overskottshallen      Phone number needed
1 Gimogaten 
(on the East side of town) 
Info source: Paul Bernhardt, KF4FOR
Or via Jan Axing, SM5

Reed Park, VE1NU              (506) 389-1861 
Knows about and uses 19 set xmtrs etc.

Pembleton Electronics, Inc.
1222 Progress Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46808
Phone (219)484-1812
Fax (219)484-0163
Open weekdays 8:30AM-5:30PM 
Saturdays 8:30AM-Noon
16,000 sq. ft. building full of new and surplus stuff.

Bob Peters  K1JNN             (800) 233-0484
Robert W. Peters              Fax: (972) 216-9994
833 Denmark Dr
Mesquite, TX 75149
Dallas,TX                     Collins Collecters Assoc #63
Sales Agent for the Collins Pocket Guide by  KK5IM

Joe Pfeifer KB7ZZG            (801) 571-5453
9483 S. Mumford Dr.
Sandy, UT 84094               Vintage & military radios for sale

Joseph W. Pinner              
180 Circle Drive              Often has varioius BA and military
Harriman, TN  37748           radios and tubes for sale. 

Premier Metal Products        (909) 829-3089
Address needed
Fontana, CA.                  BA Replacement cabinets. Free catalog. You
have to order by dimensions only. They don't know which cabinet will fit
your boatanchor.

Richard Prester               (973) 728-2454
131 Ridge Rd.
West Milford, NJ 07480        Vintage ham radios and manuals
Also sells a lot of radios and parts

R&L Electronics                             800-221-7735
1315 Maple Avenue
Hamilton, OH 45011

A radio dealer, but they usually have quite a collection of 
used radios in the back (12 tables or so), along with 
quite a collection of parts, including a small quantity of tubes.

R & R Designs
202 Midvale Drive             Heathkit Technical Journal
Marshall, WI 53559            Catalog of Hammarlund parts,
clocks etc., BA paint, phone filters etc.

Radar Inc.                    (509) 747-3053
223 E. Pacific
Spokane, WA 99202
Lots of small surplus type parts. 

Radar Electric
Their main focus seems to be actual industry folks who just need one more ZIF socket of whatever. They also have a decent surplus department (and a great wire department).
168 Western Avenue West
Seattle, WA 98119
phone: 206.282.2511

The Radio Finder              (313) 454-1890
11803 Priscilla,              S.A.S.E. for list
Plymouth, MI 48170            Vintage & surplus radios.
E-mail to:

Radio Recyclers
5702 W. Good Hope Road
Milwaukee, WI  53223

Radio Resources and Services  Phone number needed
Steve Scarborough
1201 South Sharp St.
Baltimore  MD. 21230          Radio broadcast equipment for sale 
Web Page:   ((go to "preowned showroom"))

George Rancourt               (413) 527-4304
Radio K1ANX
82 White Loaf Road            R-390A receiver components
Southampton, MA 01073

Randolph & Rice, Inc.                            615-255-5601 
1213 McGavock Street          FAX:  615-742-3661 / 256-0634 
Nashville, TN 37203
Parts Distributor with retail counter

Don Reitzke                   W0AVU
Mille-Lacs Airport,           old ARC-5 transceivers from WW2
Garrison, MN.                 Also a good source of old tubes.
Buckmaster says  W0AVU belongs to: William H. Card 
5516 Mirror Lake Dr
Edina, MN 55436    (must be some error here!)

Chuck Rippel
                            R390A receivers & parts
E-Mail:   restorations - some are expensive

Ray Robinson, VK2ZON	                612-98508765    FAX: 612-98508240
Speech Hearing and Language Research Centre
School of English Linguistics and Media
Macquarie University
North Ryde 2109 NSW 
Buys and sells ARC-5 radios  etc.          

Robert S. Ross VA3SW
Box 1003, Stn. B.
London, Ontario
CANADA   N6A  5K1             Usually has a number of BA rigs to sell

Sauder Electronics            (717) 865-5001
Allen Sauder, NB3Z      FAX:  (717) 865-9470
RD 1, Box 193
Mountain Drive                New & used ham gear, parts etc.
Fredericksburg, PA 17026      Military surplus electronics

J.B. Saunders
New and used electronics supply, motors, batteries.
4700 Sterling Dr.
Boulder, CO 80301-2305
phone: 303.442.1212

Bob, N2EDF              No phone number given
Robert C. Shelton, Jr.
P. O. Box 607           Tube QRP 2-band xmtr kit 40m & 80m
Andover, NJ 07821       50C5 Xtal Xmtr, breadboard style $39.99
9 Lakeview Ave POB 607
Andover, NJ 07821-0607
Other E-mail:

Sheppards Surplus             01568 - 720262 
Lion Motors
Upper Hill
Near Leominster
England                       Surplus radio equipment - not much left, kept outside etc.

US Army Signal Corps Museum  (706) 791 2818, 3856
Attn: AZTH-SM   Bldg 29807
Ft Gordon, GA   30905
Archives: Ted Wise, Director, Signal Corps Museum

Skycraft Parts & Surplus, Inc.
2245 W. Fairbanks Avenue
P.O. BOX 536186
Orlando, FL 32853-6186
Tel. (407) 628-5634 
Fax  (407) 647-4831
Electronic parts, test equipment, lots of oddball junk etc., 
but no radios. Well organized.
Web Page:
I-4 (Exit at Fairbanks) in WInter Park, FL

SMC Electronics               (508) 884-3061
Steven Carlozzi-owner
BROCKTON, MA. 02301-6857
SMC Electronics - surplus and refurbished electronic equipment including repair/replacement/experimenter parts and accessories

SOUND IN MIND                 (540) 249-3161
534 W. Main St.          Fax: (540) 249-5064
Waynesboro, VA 22980
Patty and Dee's marina, collectors of Drake, JOHNSON, Collins,
HAMMARLUND, HOME BREW, RCA, McIntosh and other heavy

Mike Spicer                   01273 - 508573
27 Carden Crescent
England                       Military Radio dealer. 

The Sportsman's Guide
catalog has PRC-6 radios available for $29.97 each.
If you buy two they are $27.50 each.  They are described
as Israeli issue and -not- working.  Limited quantity.
1-800-888-3006 order line.  

Stewart of Reading   (0) 118 9268041
Address needed

Dennis R. Starks              (417)  998-6517
Box 95
Cross Timbers, MO 65634
Dennis used to send a listing, but now he sends a computer disc
and some folks had some problems with the format and searching.
Call and ask about specific parts.

David Stinson, AB5S           Phone number needed
5041 N. Maverick Street       Buy, sell, restore, collect ARC5 rigs.
Las Vegas, NV 89130           Dave has a few ARC-5 xmtrs & receivers
E-mail:   Possibly also some parts for sale.

Store name needed!     Phone number needed
Old hardware store
21st Avenue            Tubes, code keys, Military radios etc.
Nashville, TN 37212 
Going north into Nashville on I-65 get on I-440 West to Memphis..get
off on the very first exit (21st Avenue) and go about six blocks and
the store will be on the right.  It is very easy to get to and near
the Vanderbilt campus.

Info source: Dennis Lathem

Summit Electronics
6540 E. Rogers Circle     
Boca Raton, FL 33487      
(800) 226-6960   Fax: (561) 226-8523
Tubes, transistors, diodes etc.
40,000 inventoried items.

1006 State St
Racine, WI
Tel: 632-5142
Old fashioned radio/tv repair parts store that never made it into
the1990s. Repair parts, surplus "stuff" some consignment, and lots of
the little odds and ends you need for repairs etc.

Surplus Trading Co
2700 N M-63
Benton Harbor, MI 49022
Tel: 616-849-1800
Lots of surplus from Heath Company and Zenith Data Systems. Computers
and electronics parts.

Svebry                Phone number needed
Address needed
in Skovde (250 km toward Gothenburg from Stockholm) 
Info source: Paul Bernhardt, KF4FOR
or via Jan Axing, SM5GNN

A.G. Tannenbaum               215-540-8055
P.O. Box 386
Ambler, PA  19002
Vintage Parts, Service data & Manuals
Free catalog. Credit cards welcome

Tanner Electronics                               972-242-8702
1100 Valwood Parkway, Suite #100    Fax:  972-245-7415
Carrollton, TX 75006

TARTAN ELECTRONICS            (602) 577-1022   FAX: (602) 888-5330
P.O. Box 36841,
Tucson, AZ 85740-6841         Electronic Surplus, Radios, Antennas, Parts,
Test Equipment, Accessories. Gene at Tartan has the best prices on
Military Surplus.

Telford Electronics        Tel 01952 605451
Old Officers Mess
Hoo Farm, Humbers Lane Horton, Telford 
Shropshire TF6 6DJ
ENGLAND                    Radio masts and other surplus items.

Lowell Thomas,  K6KC              (209) 227-1605                                      
P.O. Box 15026
Fresno CA 93702-5026                  
Parts for older tube equipment, with an emphasis on
competitively priced tubes for sale.

Sam Timberlake                (205) 825-7305   
P.O. Box 161,  
Dadeville, AL  36853-0161     Lots of military and WW2 era transmitters, receivers etc.

Toronto Surplus & Scientific  (416) 490-8865
608 Gordon Baker Road
Willowdale, ONT M2H 3B4       Military radios, test equipment,
Canada                        Electronics surplus etc.

W3AKD,  "Phil"
William Protzman Jr
16115 Kenny Rd
Laurel, MD 20707
807, 811, 811A, 1625 etc. Other military radio items also.

Typetronics                   (954) 583-1340
Fred Schmidt, N4TT       FAX: (954) 583-0777
Box 8873                      Has a good selection of various tube sockets etc.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33310-8873    Buy & sell tubes, connectors & 
electronic parts. Send large S.A.S.E. for list
Great source for discounted tubes.

Viking Radio Amateur Radio Society
P.O. Box 3
Waseca, MN 56093

Vintage Electronics          Phone number needed 
John E. Kendall 
PO Box 436 
Belair Road
Fallston, Md 21047 (N.E. Baltimore)
By Appointment Only
Vintage Electronic Parts (stored in boxes sorted by brand)
Antique radios, television, parts, tubes etc.

Vintage TV & Radio Supply     (216) 671-6712
3498 W. 105th. St.            (216) 251-1617  FAX
Cleveland, OH  44111          older parts, tubes, grille cloth

Wacky Willy's
Westside Store
2900 SW 219th Ave
Aloha, OR 97006
Tel: (503) 642-5111

Wacky Willy's
Eastside Store
417 E 11th St
Portland, OR 97214
Tel: (503) 234-6864
Fax: (503) 234 2226
Open: Monday-Saturday 9AM - 6:30PM
WW has been around since 1980, and they have a diverse collection of
stuff. It seems to come and go pretty fast, so you can't count on
something being there long term. It's not electronic surplus, really,
although you'll find some there. They're more of an industrial/retail
boneyard, where overstocks and errors-of-judgement go to die. A good
place to go if you're looking for stuff to adapt; you might find a
kid's toy for ten cents that you can gut for the case and an LED.

Pat Walsh
Located just off of Main street in Benton Harbor, MI
Only open Saturday mornings. Good deals on old Heath and ZDS stuff.
(I was told that he gets what Surplus Trading doesn't - See Above)

WEBCO Sales 

Melinda Webb, Manager 
2112 Memorial Parkway, SW 
Huntsville, AL 35801 
Tel: 205-534-7356 
Fax: 205-534-7357 
Electronics, brokers, surplus, catalog, computer, wholesale, 
components, connectors, semiconductors, closeouts,  switches, computer parts & repair service.

Gerry Wells radio musuem
Address needed
Dulwich, London

Western Wireless Company      250-489-5874
Cliff Blakey, VE7WWC 
112C Van Horne St., 5th Ave. Plaza
Box 398 
Cranbrook, B.C. V1C 4H9       Antique radios, military and tube stuff
Canada                        He deals in, and repairs antique radios & 
                              amateur radio equipment.
Please visit our "Antique Radio Store" 
Preserving  Wireless Heritage.

WeirdStuff Warehouse
An amazing array of salvaged, surplus, and new electronic goodies.
384 W. Caribbean Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1010
phone: 408.743.5650
fax: 408.743.5655

Fenton Wood
109 Shoreline Dr.
Star Harbor,
Malakoff, TX 75148
Hallicrafters, Drake, Heathkit and Military radios for sale, etc.
Send  S.A.S.E. for list

XMV Engineering -- Bill Kagin and Tony Banks -- (606) 745-0706
Military Surplus radios etc. I don't think these two guys are still 
partners anymore, but I think you might be able to find one of them if you 
call this number. They had newer stuff. I think one took part of the 
stock, the other took the rest. Had good prices anyway. Info source: KJ5GU

Ye Olde Transmitting Tube Museum  707-464-6470
P.O. Box 97
Crescent City, CA 95531
Visitors Welcome

You Do It Electronics
Components, goodies, they usually have it, not necessarily cheap.
40 Franklin St.
Needham, MA 02194-2986
phone: 617.449.1005

M.L. Young               
c/o Central Station Flea Mart    (501) 623 4484.
3310 Central Avenue
Hot Springs, AR

The mart is located 1/2 mile south of Oaklawn Race
Track, across from WalMart.  Open 7days a week, 9AM to

Here is the published mart phone number:  501 623 4484.
 Perhaps whoever answers this number can get you in
contact with M.L.  Good luck. 

Info source: Don Reaves WA5BBS   
Little Rock, AR 72211



Ack Radio
3101 4th Street, South
Birmingham, AL 35233
205-322-0588 FAX 205-322-0580 800-338-4218
See the Ack Georgia listing.

Mock Electronics Surplus 205-539-2401
2310 Memorial Parkway
Huntsville, AL 35801
Surplus electronic parts etc.


ARE Surplus
2000 S 12th Ave
South Tucson, AZ 85713
Open Tuesday through Saturday.
A good-sized collection of BA parts, e.g, switches, connectors,
knobs, gears, electrolytics, capacitors, resistors, etc. A
fair collection of BA test equipment. An occasional BA radio
probably crosses their threshold, but doesn't stay long, and I
wouldn't go looking for one there. Prices on parts are
generally very reasonable, and proprietor has been known to

Apache Reclamation & Electronics, Inc.
313 W. Apache St.
Phoenix, AZ 85003
Don't overlook their 'back yard' outside. They're several miles west of the airport; exit the I-17 business
loop at 6th Ave, go north 1/2 block to Apache, then east about 3 blocks. Bring cash, as I believe they
don't accept credit cards or checks. Tubes, parts and test gear etc.
They're open Mon-Fri until 5:00 p.m.
Saturdays until 4:00.

Ham Radio Outlet
1702 W. Camelback Rd
Phoenix, AZ
(602) 242-3515
Not BA & small but they have radios :)

Antique Electronic Supply
6221 S. Maple Ave
Tempe, AZ
(602) 820-5411
Will call counter with book rack
very nice but busy people.

Dave's Antique Service
3210 S. Dodge #11
Tucson AZ 85713
(520) 790 2618

Electronic Emporium
3621-29 E. Wier Ave
Phoenix, AZ
(602) 437-8633
Lots of surplus parts & test equipment. Aisles to browse.
Prices are reportedly high.

Tri-Tek Electronic City
9014 N. 23rd Ave
Suite 11
Phoenix, AZ
1783 W. University Dr
Suite 131
Tempe, AZ
(602) 640-1917
New stuff

Dalis Electronics
2455 S. 7th St
Phoenix, AZ
(602) 275-2626
New stuff

Electronic Parts Co.
3059 W. Indian School Rd
Phoenix, AZ
(602) 277-7281
New stuff

MHZ Electronics
3802 N. 27th Ave
Phoenix, AZ
(602) 265-0731
My favorite special place that I haven't been to in several
years. They had tons'o'stuff including Collins mechanical filters.
Last time I checked, they went wholesale only but if you grovel,
maybe they'll let you in? Prices seemed to be ok as I remember.


Mike Quinn
Oakland (at the airport)
You head toward the airport from I-880 on Hegenberger Rd and
then hang a right on Doolittle Dirve. You run up Doolittle a
little ways and then you will come upon a group of Quonset
Huts. Turn in there and that's Mike Quinns.

Sacramento Electronic Supply Co.
1219 S St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
(800) 376-8800

Surplus Trader
(510) 670-8966


Halted Specialties
SW corner of Central expressway and Lawrence expressway.
Used to have a whole bunch of tubes in the rear.

Halted Specialties
3500 Ryder Street
Santa Clara, CA 95051

Surplus Stuff (Curtis Trading)
Address Needed

Wierd Stuff Warehouse
1190 Kern Avenue
Sunnyvale CA 94086
(408) 746-1100
Off Lawrence, near Halted

R & A Surplus
San Jose
Down by Quements on Bascom Road, off de la Cruz Avenue.

Haltek Electronics
1062 Linda Vista Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94043
(415) 969-0510
Near 101 and Shoreline Blvd.

2300 Zanker (between Brokaw and Trimble)
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 943-9773
Take 880 south to 237, west on 237 and then south again on Zanker. It's on the left a few blocks down. You gotta look for it. It's in one of those typical SV tiltup strip shops. Mostly computer stuff, but friendly guys and some interesting finds. (Paul WA6OKQ)

Advanced Component Electronics (ACE)
3479 Kiefer Road - Santa Clara
1534 Berger Drive - San Jose
On Kifer: go out the back way from Halted; they're on the corner of that street and Kifer.

Anchor Electronics
2040 Walsh Avenue
Santa Clara, CA
(408) 727-3693

HDB Electronics
2860 Spring Street
Redwood City, CA 94063
(415) 368-1388

Marvac Dow Electronics
Has a very good selection of parts for fixin' old radios, according to Dave Barts.

C & H Surplus
On south side of Colorado, west of Sierra Madre Blvd.

All Electronics
Sepulveda and Oxnard (818)997-1806
9th and Vermont (213) 380-8000

Apex Electronics
8909 San Fernando Road
Sun Valley, CA 91352.
(213) 875-1308 or (818) 767-7202.
Old man Slater, the owner, still has the truck he drove out here in the fifties, buried under all the stuff out in the yard. (Michael Moore)

Inglewood Electronics
4701 W. Century
Inglewood, CA
(310) 674-2366
Had some 1L6's available for $27!

Gateway Electronics
San Diego
No BAs as such, but a nice supply of resistors, transformers, connectors, meters; according to Tom Bridger.

San Diego, CA
A door or two away from Gateway. My first visit and lo ... right there in plain sight were 5 R390 line level (Vu) meters. (Tom Bridger)

Murphy's Surplus Warehouse
401 N. Johnson Ave.
El Cajon, CA 92020
(619) 444-7717, Fax 444-6750
There is a back and front area at Murphy's. You want the back
area and to speak to Michael himself, if possible, says Dick

California Metals
San Diego, CA
With the help of a local ham who knew the place inside and out,
I was able to find and buy an R-390A in a cabinet. As Randy
said, plenty of BA treasures are at this place, but finding
them is a big, Big job. You'll need about a half-day to get
through it all. Wear your boots, carry a flashlight, and wear
gloves and long pants. (TB)

California Surplus
Just over and down the street from CM. A great place for
transformers, connectors, and resistors. (TB)

Anker Electronics
San Diego, CA
Literally took me 1 hour to find this place, even with Murray
giving me instructions every 15 minutes when I'd get lost. Was
only able to spend less than an hour and found 2 R-390A meters
and a new or refurbed mech gear section for an RF deck. Murray
has a ton of old and new stuff spread out in two big storage
areas. You need about an afternoon to weed through it all.

Cornell Electronics Co.
4217 University Ave.
San Diego, CA 92105
(619) 281-9792
Tubes. Pretty pricey but they have a list of 89 cent tubes
(they have $.89 6AG7s). Worthwhile! (Pete WA5JCI)

Southern California Swapmeets (1992)

1st Saturday each month
El Cajon ARC Swapmeet
Starts 6:15AM
Santee Drive In Theater on Woodside Ave. Hy 67 Santee, Ca

2nd Saturday each month
General Dynamics HRC Swapmeet
Starts 7 AM
G.D. Valley systems division on the corner of 6th and Cleveland Ave. just East of Haven Ave. north of I-10 at Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.

Last Saturday each month
TRW ARC Swapmeet
Starts 7 AM
On the corner of Marine ave. (Compton Blvd) and Aviation Blvd. Manhatten Beach, Ca.

Finding the TRW swap meet shouldn't be hard at all. Take the 101 freeway South ,to the San Diego going south on it until you get to the Rosecrans west exit. 2 or 3 blocks west will be Aviation BLVD turn left and about another 2 or 3 blocks on your right will be the swap meet. You can't miss it. Monitor 146.520 MHz. There is always much activity on that frequency.

WeirdStuff Warehouse An amazing array of salvaged, surplus, and new electronic goodies. 384 W. Caribbean Dr. Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1010 phone: 408.743.5650 fax: 408.743.5655 web:


Fistell's Electronic Suppply Co.
Denver, CO
See above in alphabetical listings

OEM Parts
3029 Hancock
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(719) 635-0771
All sorts of older stuff, including tubes and filament and high
voltage transformers.

J. B. Saunders Electronics
4700 Sterling
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 442-1212
Lots of parts, bu they don't do mail order. Located just east
of Foothills Parkway, about a block sout of Valmont Ave.


Places in Orlando area worth a visit:

Skycraft Parts and Surplus Co.    (407) 628-5634
2245 W. Fairbanks Avenue
Orlando, FL
Lots of parts, old and new.

Acme Surplus: The kind of place Wyley E. Coyote would love. :-)
Sanford, FL
Not listed in phone book!
Not a lot of electronics though. Larger electrical and pneumatic
stuff, generators etc.
Barry Bobes: Dealer in military commodities,
Everything from PRC-77's to Helicopters.
Not listed in phone book.

Future-Bot Components
106 Commerce Way #A8
Jupiter, FL 33458
(407) 575-1487

Larry's Home for Wayward Test Equipment & Old Radios (tm)
Let your equipment retire in sunny central Florida.
Intensive Care, Private Bench Space, Frequent Use,
Factory trained HP, Tek & Fluke Surgeon on staff.
Good Home Guaranteed or double your junk back!     - Orlando, FL -
MG Electronics
PMB 124
1177 Park Ave. Suite #5
Orange Park, FL 32073
Fax:  (904) 287-4933
Surplus Test Equipment, antennas, power supplies,
microwave gear etc.

Radio Relics
MOVED TO LONGWOOD, FL and going strong!
(407) 895-0146
or (407) 740-5581
Dennis Williams is the proprietor...a very nice
guy. While most of his business is antique radio repair, he
usually has some interesting pieces for sale. (Frank Nocera)
Radio Relics: Mainly old BCB sets.

OR: 660 Clay Street,
Winter Park, FL

Barry Bobes and Associates
'Aircraft & Military Electronics Excess'
1967 High St.
Longwood, FL
According to Larry Ware, someone on BA poisoned the well on
this place: "Stuff available for $10 two weeks ago is now $80, his
PRC-77's are now $300 each, old power tube sockets that were $5 are
now $40, etc. When asked about the drastic change in prices, he
responded that somehow his firm got "on the internet" and people
were bidding his "junk" higher and higher." Perhaps if the
speculators have moved on, it might be worth checking out.

American Connectors
(305) 362-5388
POB 5397 Helpful but expensive
Hialeah, FL 33014-1397 Connectors for military gear
Fax: 305-362-5540


Ack Radio
554 Deering Road
Atlanta, GA 30309
404-351-6340 FAX 404-351-1879 / 800-282-7954
They have a large stock of parts, tools, and hardware. Although mainly in
the industrial market, they still have some B&W coil stock, Bifilar
chokes for big amps (I got a replacement for my classic Henry 2K
serial #156), Rohn et al. Tommy said find a part in an old catalog
(he prefers old Ack catalogs) and there is a chance he might find it
somewhere. Dave K4JRB.


Hi-Tech Surplus
Boise, ID
Computer parts, audio gear, components,
(208) 375-7516 test equipment.


Radio TV Labs
5631 W. Irving Park Road,
Chicago, Illinois 60634
One of two known surplus/boatanchor dealers left in the
Chicagoland area. It's in Irving Park Road, just west of
Central Avenue. It is literally packed to the roof with stuff,
according to Mike Kana (AA9IL).

J.B. Electronics
The other surplus test equipment outfit.
3446 Dempster Street
Skokie IL 60076
(708) 982-1973
Jack Burg will share his opinions about damn near anything with
you until your eyes begin to glaze, perhaps longer. He has
lots of Tek and HP test equipment; not, however at flea market

American Science and Surplus (formerly JerryCo)
3605 Howard Street
Skokie IL 60076
Has lots and lots of surplus -- not necessarily electronics:
WWII gun cameras, laser disk chassis, 6 volt VW wiper motors,
LEDs, rubber brains, you name it, they've had it.

Triode Electronics
(312) 871-7459
Good place for multisection can electrolytics, according to
Ross Lahlum, KB9JJR

Good Old Days
In Chicago on Belmont Avenue's antique row. Many very good
radio restorations, but a bit pricy. (Norm Flasch)

Ham Radio Toy Store
In Wheaton on Wesley Street between Main and Hail streets.
Wheaton is 40 miles west of Chicago on Roosevelt Rd. The RR
tracks are a few blocks north af Roosevelt, and the store is a
couple blocks north of the tracks, maybe a 3 block walk from
the train station. Great place for antenna, League pubs,
antenna tuners, and riceboxes. (Michael Knudsen)


Pembleton Electronics, Inc.
Jim Pembleton
1222 Progress Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46808
Phone (219)484-1812
Fax (219)484-0163
Open weekdays 8:30AM-5:30PM
Saturdays 8:30AM-Noon
16,000 sq. ft. building full of new and surplus stuff. Exit 111A off of I-69 south.


Collins Radio corporate surplus outlet
Address & phone needed
Cedar Rapids


Associated Electronics
Overland Park
800 497-1457
Associated Radio (800) 497-1457
8012 Conser
Overland Park, KS 66204
Web page:
Location is 15 miles southwest of downtown Kansas City,
MO in Overland Park, KS. Turn west at 79th & Metcalf to
Conser. Turn south and store is on your right half a
block. Prices tend to be high.


Electronics Plus
Southard Drive
Beltsville, MD
Lots of parts, tubes, old and new.

Wood's TV
(301) 884-3788
Has a good supply of dial cord and, according to k1zat, still
has a lot of tubes on the shelf.

Amateur Radio Center
(410) 889-5214
1117, 36th Street (Just off Falls Road)
Baltimore, MD 21211
New Kenwood & used amateur equipment.
often used to have great used rigs in the basement or behind the counter!

J & J Surplus
(301) 722-6022
1306 Chipmunk Lane N.E.
Cumberland, MD 21502
Some limited electronic surplus


Electronics Plus
Littleton, MA
They seem to have a nice selection of chassis, some Jim-Pak,
and some current and obsolete Radio Shack stock. I picked up a
50 uA meter there. Some prices were OK, some not.

Electronic Super Store
16 Normac Road
Woburn, MA
(617) 932-6800
You can see their big sign from 128 south from 93 and 128
junction. It is the first exit, Washington street.

Eli Heffron & Sons
Maybe it's now: ELI Incorporated
139 Hampshire Street
Cambridge, MA
(617) 547-4005

Linear Electronics
109 Hammond Street
Waltham, MA
(617) 894-7300
Had some 1L6s awhile back.

Young Engineering
Shetland Industrial Park (near Pickering Wharf)
Salem, MA
They are located in a HUGE warehouse, and though they don't
stock any true BA's they have a MASSIVE collections of OLD and
NEW test gear, scopes, generators, meters, PARTS galore, wire,
and all kinds of strange devices that are certainly VERY HEAVY.
It's a great place to look around and ogle the old stuff that
they buy off companies that go out of business. Some useful
stuff too.


Purchase Radio
327 E. Hoover Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Phone 313-668-8696
Dick Dillman reports: I knew I was in a "real" radio store
immediately - by the smell...There was a good assortment of
regular and fairly modern parts, but the real stuff was on the
used equipment shelves and up on high shelves around the
ceiling...a vast assortment of mainly broadcast receivers from
50's vintage back through the 20's arranged in no particular
order I could determine. Some older microphones, too.
Upstairs - apparently open by invitation only - was a very
large inventory of tubes. Mostly sorted by type number too.
More BC receivers and other odd bits up there too. Contact
them if you're having a hard time finding a particular tube.
The counterman - Daniel McCollough, VP & General Manager, was
very friendly and made me feel immediately at home, especially
after I mentioned I'd come from California to see his shop.
Clearly, he's a man who enjoys radios, his job, and meeting
people. I give it a rating of three stars, worth going out of
your way to visit. Purchase Radio does NOT have a catalog. He has
vast numbers of tubes, many transformers, old ham gear, etc.

Surplus Trading Co.
2700 N. M-63
Benton Harbor, MI 49022
Lots of surplus from Heath Company and Zenith Data Systems.

In the Redford, MI area: Right by Hoover in Ann Arbor is 
Purchase Radio  Supply. 
They are Ham oriented radio dealer that has been there since the 50's.

If you are willing to drive a little bit there are three good supply places up by Redford, MI: 
RS Electronics(not Radio Shack) in Livonia, MI RS Web  On Schoolcraft (Southern, I96 Service drive) between Levan and Farmington Roads.
From Ann Arbor take 23 north to 14 to I-96 East. Get off at Newburgh/Levan exit and follow the service drive. When you cross Levan Road it is about 3/4 of a mile on the right side.

Electronic Connection in Westland, MI Southeast Corner of Newburgh and Ford Roads Ford is about 3 miles south of I-96. It crosses Newburgh going East/West.

Active Electronics
in Livonia, MI. Southwest corner of 5 Mile and Middlebelt Roads One major block north on Middlebelt Road from I96 Middlebelt exit. 
Pat Walsh
Bendon Harbor - Just off Main Street.
Open only on Saturday mornings. Good deals on old Heath and
ZDS stuff (he gets what Surplus Trading doesn't).

6690, 7-mile Road.
South Lyon, MI 48178
(313) 437-1063
A great mixture of stuff including tubes. They have answering
machine but I seem to get bettter results from inquiries by
mail. (Pete WA5JCI)


Antique & Amateur Radio Consignment Center
St. Paul, MN
This is possibly a potential dream come true. It is a used
radio store of tube type gear.

AxMan Surplus
A chain of 4 stores, original at:
1639 University Avenue
St. Paul
(612) 646-8653
Has all sorts of parts and stuff. No radios, but some BA test
gear and lots of parts.

Asset Recovery Corporation
1907 Charles Avenue
St. Paul
(612) 641-0789

ABC Electronics
317 7th Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN
(612) 332-2378
This place is in the warehouse district in Minneapolis.
Small, but packed with stuff, mostly components.
Sometimes they close on Saturdays, and sometimes not.
If you go there, call ahead to make sure they are open.

Midwest Surplus & Electronics
124 12th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN
(612) 339-9533
Mostly a junk shop, but has some good stuff buried in.

Acme Electronics
Minneapolis, MN
It's an old store, with some stock that goes back a way,
[including] some boatanchor power transformers. (Bill Hawkins)

Industrial Surplus
(612) 332-2369
315, 7th Avenue N.
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Electronic Parts etc.
Might be wholesale-only? Call first!

Radio City
Address Needed

Dexis Corporation
9749 Hamilton Road
Eden Prairie, MN
(612) 944-7670


Wholesale Supplier of Surplus Communications Equipment.
Dennis Starks, Owner
The "Military Radio Collector"
In-house Museum, Public Welcome!
Box 95, Hwy. 65
Cross Timbers, MO 65634 Ph. 417-998-6517

Electronics Exchange
St. Louis
On St. Charles Rock Rd a couple blocks west of 170.
All surplus, consignment. Old 50's and some fairly new test
equipment. Best prices in SL area.

Gateway Electronics
St. Louis
On Page near Midland. About 20% used/surplus, rest new stuff.
All stuff is in open bins where you can examine it. Best ham
stuff in ST L.

Big Horn Museum of Amateur radio
816-882-5670 or 816-882-9000. Dan
PO Box 64,
New Franklin, MO 65274.
Also: 503 Parkway Drive,
Booneville, MO 65233,
E-mail Dan at:


Surplus Sales
There has been a thread about problems people have had dealing
with this firm. However, they have a showroom, which is their
stock room, where one can wander around, turn on lights, etc.

Ladd Electronics
111 N. 41st St.
Omaha, Nebraska
(402) 556-3023
Ed Zeranski says the owner is planning to go out of biz because
of competition from mail order places.

Burden's Suplus Center
(800) 488-3407
1015 W. "O" Street Catalog of motors, isolation xfmrs etc.
PO Box 82209 Mostly hydraulics, but they do sell some
Lincoln NE 68501-2209 transformers etc. No RF parts.


Radio World
1656 Nevada Highway
Boulder City, NV 89005
(702) 294-2666
The name is appropriate as one can find everything from marine
to CB and from the most modern ham equipment to BAs at Radio
World. None of this impersonal buying of a sealed box and
goodbye stuff one ff the large amateur chain stores. The place
is run by BA list member Dave Floyd who makes you feel
immediately at home. Four stars, worth a special trip just for
the hospitality. (Dick Dillman)


Electronic Surplus Service
186 Granite Street
Manchester, NH
Tel: (603) 624-9600
Store hours: M-F 10-6, Thursday 10-8, and Saturday 9-5
Directions: 293 North to exit 5, right on Granite St.
right on Commercial St. Electronic Surplus Service is on
the right.

Piexx Co.
13 Main Street
Hillsboro NH 03244.
(603) 464-5625
Chuck and I were not quite prepared for what we saw - right
there in the middle of town was a shop window filled with
boatanchor ham radios - a Collins KWM-2, Collins TCS, HRO-5,
Drakes and many other great classics. Owner Chris Sieg is very
knowlegeable about these old pieces of radio history and this
is clearly a labor of love. (Michael Crestohl)

Electronic Planet
Nashua, NH
On 101-A west from DW Highway (Rte. 3).


John Kakstys
(908) 486-6917
18 Hillcrest Terrace Tubes, antennas, parts of all kinds, manuals,
Linden, NJ 07036 used HF & VHF ham radios, accessories etc.
E-mail: Large SASE for list. Or, E-mail him.
W2FNT: Manuals, Used Radios &
accessories, books, tubes, mics etc.


Surplus City
10805 Central N.E. (this is the historic Route 66 Highway)
Albuquerque NM 87123
505 292 7131
Take exit 165 South off I-40 to Central, go east a few blocks
on Central, look for the Surplus City sign on the left.
(Contributed by Don Reaves KC5JH)
Unknown - in E. Albuquerque near the UMN campus
In east Albuquerque, out the street that runs on the south side
of the UNM campus is a surplus/neat stuff kind of store. It's
pretty far out east, almost to where the street (Candelaria
Street??) meets I-40. If you exit off I-25 going east along
the south side of campus, you'll come to a 'Y' intersection.
Take the south fork and go out to 7800 or so (maybe 7500? I
haven't been there in a while) and look for metal rack cabinets
in front. The store is in a six-store building about 100 feet
back from the street.

Electronic Salvage
9012 Central Avenue SE
(506) 296-6389
Maybe the same place as Surplus City above.

L. A. Salvage Co.
Los Alamos


The Antique Lover
RT 30 - Mayfield, N.Y 12117 (near Newburgh)
Dick and Terry Peters, owners. Dick is a ham and BA collector.
Mayfield is in Upstate New York, and those of us who have lived
in Syracuse and Utica do not bandy that term about lightly.
(Sorry, New York City, Westchester County *does not* qualify!)
Dick is located about 40 minutes north of the Amsterdam Thruway
exit. He is an old time gent, and frequently has old radio
magazines and service manuals. (He was reading a 1937 Popular
Mechanics when I came in the door, so that will give you a
feel...). I spotted a big box Simpson VTVM with 1" diameter
probe, several 1940's broadcast table radios, some boy's radio
stories, and a "frequently needed" TV schematic collection as
well. (John Wendler)

The Radio Room
North Massapequa, NY 11758 (Long Island)
Specializes in used amateur equipment.

32 East 13th Street
New York, NY
(312) 989-9284
Owned and operated by Bruce and Charlotte Mager. Their store
has antique radios, TVs, phonographs, and advertising.

Central Elecronics Co. (334) 735-6474
809 Court St.,
Utica, NY 13502
Location is across the street from the F.X. Matt
brewery (which has tours, complete with product
samples!), well off the street behind a seperate
building occupied by R.J. Nudo Co. All kinds of
Industrial surplus electronic parts from vacuum tube to
solid state vintage: resistors, capacitors, pots etc.


Mendelson's Electronics
(800) 344-4465
A good place to visit while at the hamfest. Barry Ornitz found
some R-390 style meters and boxes of knobs.

Fair Radio Sales Co.
1016 E. Eureka St.
Lima 45802
(419) 223-2196
This is, of course, the mecca of BA collectors, especially the
military electronics group.

Vintage TV and Radio Supply
3498 West 105th Street
Cleveland, OH 44111
(216) 671-6712

Play Things of the Past
3554 West 105th Street
Cleveland, OH 44111
(216) 582-3094
Gary Schneider's store; good luck finding it open.

A.R.E Surplus
15272 St. Rte. 12 East
Findlay, OH 45840
419 422 1558


Globe Electronics
3585 Keele Street
Downsview, Ontario M3J 3H5
(416) 631-7770

Electronic Surplus Industries
1191 Lawrence Ave West
Toronto Ont. M6A 1E2
Phone (416) 787-1837
Owner: Sid Lipkowitz

Toronto Surplus and Scientific
608 Gordon Baker Rd.
Willowdale Ont. M2H 3B4
Phone (416) 490-8865 FAX (416) 785-7955
Owner: Mike Employee: Graham

Sayal Electronics
3791 Victoria Park (half-block from TS&S)
A mix of new and surplus.

W.J. Ford Enterprises
Warehouse: 21 Market St. N.
(corner of Market and William)
Mail to : Box 606
Smith's Falls, Ont. K7A 4T6
Phone: (613) 283-5195
Normally open Saturdays 8-5. By appointment or chance for all
other days. Ring bell to gain access. Doors are normally kept
closed. (Contributed by Jerry Proc)

Popular Culture
(416) 504-2687
Gary Borton runs this antique shop dealing primarily with stuff from
the 30s to 50s, including old radio and TV sets. Generally open on

Active Surplus Electronics
347 Queen Street W (between Spadina and University)
Toronto M5V 2A4
(416) 593-0909


Radar Inc.
Address Needed
Portland, OR
Call their Spokane, WA office for information:
(509) 747-3053

R5-D3 Electronic Surplus
6111 SE 82nd Ave
Portland, OR
(Contributed by Liles Garcia)

1100 SE Grand Avenue
Portland, OR 97214, USA
(503) 238-1900.
A leading producer of Victorian and Arts & Crafts lighting
fixtures, all from original tooling. Vast range of period
(second-hand) and repro accessories, including carbon filament
Edison light bulbs. (Andrew Emmerson)

Cascade Surplus Electronics
8221 N. Denver Avenue
Portand, OR 97217
(503) 285-0832
Always shuttered, so still try and enter even when it looks
shut. They're open TH,F,SA 10:00 am - 5:00 pm; SUN
12 noon - 4:00 pm.

Zero-Gee Electronics
1890 S.W. 3rd Street
Corvallis, OR 97333
(503) 754-9422
Zero-Gee started out as a used bookstore years ago, until a
Jameco rep talked the owner into putting in a rack of
electronic Jim-Pak parts. It was so successfult he got ride of
the books and went into electronic surplus and new parts.
(Mark Forbes)

Dave Bertman, AB7B (503) 223-5295
1314 S.W. Hall, E.
Portland, OR 97201
R-390, T-368 and other surplus radios


Fertik's Electronics
Hours: Thurs 7:00pm - 9:00pm
5400 Ella Street Sat 9:00am - 3:00pm
Philadelphia, PA 19120
(215) 455-2121
From Shuylkill Expressway, take US 1 northbound. When the highway turns into a
regular undivided road, make a left turn at Rising Sun Avenue. Go past the
fire company and make an immediate left. onto Summerville. Go to the end
of this street and you will be at Ella Street.
The warehouse is on the right.

Auburn, PA
(717) 693-1795
Has literally acres of military surplus in barns and open fields. It is
located near the town of Auburn about 30 miles west of Scranton.
I purchased a depot refurbished GRC-19 (R392 and T195 with all the trimmings)
sealed in a crate. They have almost no solid state stuff but a huge
selection of old radios, tubes and manuals. It is way out in the middle
of nowhere but one is welcome to look around and the owners (a father and
his son Mike Jr. and Sr. Baranosky) will meet prospective customers
there to do business. Much of the stuff is sadly ruined due to being
exposed to the weather, but the sealed and weatherproof units are immaculate
inside. This is NOT a clean, well organized store, just piles and
piles of mil. surplus panels, radios, connectors and the like.
(Charles WD4KZK)


Hardware Etc.
(I think this maybe the Hardware store in Hillsboro Village, on
21st Avenue S. I saw nothing there 12/98 - Bry, AF4K)
Mr. Grossman had, among other sets, a RAL-7 and RAK-7 with power supplies
and original manuals. They show signs of storage but seem to really be
in excellent condition, though I did not take time to look inside.
(Joseph Pinner)

11th Avenue S.
Nashville, TN
Surplus Parts - catalog sheets sometimes available.


Altex Electronics
512 832 9131
Rich Herndon was there recently and found some old-style
Eveready blue and red "B" batteries with cat and the "9" on the front.

City Electronics
Bellaire (Houston)
(713) 663-6066
He has fun stuff like high wattage pots and tube sockets. He also has the
more modern stuff like toroids (a *really* good selection), a good selection
of things like plate chokes for BA rigs, and miniature pots for things
like your HT. Good assortment of knobs which might be of interest to the BA folk.
He might also be a source for BA transformers. He even has speaker grill cloth.
He is, unfortunately, only open 9 to 5 Mon-Fri. (Ray Mack)

Nortex Electronics Co.
5156 Vicker Loop East
Fort Worth, Texas 76116
Lewis E. Cearley
Open Tuesday thru Saturday 9:00-5:30
This old warehouse is stacked from floor to ceiling with BA stuff. One half of
the store is components and the other half is equipment. Most of the equipment
is test and military gear, with a sprinkling of Ham gear. The neat thing about
the place is it is in total disarray. You can spend days looking and not
find everything. That may not be neat to everyone, but I love digging in
old BA gear.
(George KC5WBV)
and the comment by the other guy is still true, except that the
items are not so much in disarray anymore. Lewis has a helper
who is going through the stuff and making it more orderly. It's
easy to find what you want, although those who like to rummage
will not be disappointed!

He's got a huge choice of test gear which is just right for home
experimenters as well as those who like the expensive stuff.
Where else can you find a 100MHz Scopes, Tube audio amps, TWT
amplifiers, a 200 watt modulation transformer and a row of 50KV
oil capacitors all in one place? - Pat Jankowiak

Web page:


R. J. Silk
906 S. 1900 E.
Salt Lake City, UT.
(801) 583-6616


Cain Electronics
(804) 855-3394.
Owner is a vintage radio collector. Has a museum and, more to the point, two
7' X 3' cabinets full of old multisection electrolytics, as well as a supply
of other old parts. Ask for Joe.

The Bibliophile
21st street in Norfolk
' a jumble of a bookstore where you have work your way through the stacks
while keeping an eye on your footing. It has been a good hunting ground for
radio texts and mil manuals. Terman, Henney, Radiotron, etc and Navy course manuals.'

Army Surplus Store
On Granby St close to downtown Norfolk near 25th St there is an 'Army Surplus"
type store that is mostly uniforms and camp stuff. They have a stack of
manuals inside the door that yielded a PRC-77 op manual and some
Army tactical comm. pubs.

Grand Junquetion
VA Beach Blvd
'...also has a mix of mil parts, tubes, BIG oil caps etc but again you have to
have time and the rooting instinct of a big boar hog. There were some Mil radios,
control boxes, lots of connectors too. The marked price doesn't seem to mean
much; I got out pretty cheap with PRC-25 ants (new), ceramic xtal sockets,
and tube socket test adapters.' (Ed Zeranski)


Electronic Dimensions
Puyallup Avenue
A wide variety of stuff from the 1940s to the present: test equipemnt, radio components.
(Mark Zenier)

Radio Steve's Old Technology Shop
Aurora North, just north of Green Lake, in Seattle.

Boeing Surplus scrap yard
Kent, WA
Sells wire by the pound; decent prices on tools. Real pot
luck. (Tom Bruhns)

Radar Electric
By the Seattle Center
Address needed
Seattle, WA
Best place in town for electronics tools. (MZ)

Radar Inc.
223 E. Pacific
Spokane, WA 99202
Lots of small surplus type parts.
They also have a store in Portland, OR

Alladin's Lamp Antique Mall
(360) 647-0066
427 West Holly They have been known to have tubes, radios
Bellingham, WA 98225 and test gear at times.


Radio Recyclers
7730 W. National Ave.
West Allis, WI 53214
(414) 771-7121
MTWF: 10-5 Sat: 10-3
Voice mail type answering machine that has updated listings of equipment
for sale by category (ie HF, VHF/UHF, HTs, etc). BTW, he also has a big stock
of NOS parts: tubes, inductors, odds & ends. (Dennis Doonan)

American Science & Surplus
6901 W. Oklahoma Ave.
Milwaukee, WI
(414) 541-7777
They have science stuff, some military items, and some test equipment. Not worth
a trip into the city for, but if you are here (not too far from Radio Recycler, BTW)
it can be a source for some of those little "weird" project parts. (Dennis Doonan)

1006 State Street
Old fashioned tv/radio parts store that still has boxes of old and surplus
items to brouse through. I worked there 25 years ago and went back for
some parts last month. Except a bit dustier, it was the same as 1969. (DD)

Chester Electronics
Sheridan Road
Kenosha, WI 53140
Repair parts for radio/tv repair shops, some consumer goods. Still has a large
stock of NOS parts and connectors.

Please send updates, additions and corrections by E-mail to Bry, AF4K - Thanks!

SEE ALSO: Descriptions of U.S. Military Radios by model number

AND: Another list of Boatanchors sources.

Here's another list of surplus places from Stanford University



Written in January 2001:

In the 1950's - 1960's  In San Francisco - San Jose,  one made
pilgrimage to Quements, Sunnyvale Electronics, and HRO. What was the big
radio dealers in In New York and NJ?? I've heard about a street that had
row after row of electronic and surplus stores that one could droll over
- but not afford!

73 From Rod AC6V In San Diego

= = =

Here in Cleveland, Oh. there were two. Jeff-Tronics was my favorite.

A pretty old building (even back in the mid-sixties) with a creaky wooden
floor and that fabulous smell of old radio gear.  In the late seventies
Dixon's Radio and Key was the place to be.

Dan N8ETQ 

= = =

Well, I grew up in Chicago and on south Michigan Avenue there was our own
Radio Row; R&W and BC (Ben Cohen) Electronics and others.
Piles upon piles of WWII and Korea surplus radio and electronic equipment.
Especially to a high school kid in the 60s, it was awesome.

Used to take the L train there on weekends, once I paid $5 and brought home
some sort of radar chassis gizmo containing Eimac glass tubes, then my dad
noticed a tag in it mentioning some some sort of attached explosive charge
designed to be used to prevent enemy capture of the equipment. Hmmmm.
Most of the Chicago stores had closed by the early 70s, some replaced by
public housing projects in that low-rent district of the city.

The old JC Whitney/Warshawsky car parts stores were also in that general area-
same deal, aisles of car parts and accessories (most of which one could seem
to live without)

Something else to have seen was the old downtown Chicago stores of Newark
Electronics and Allied Radio (prior to their move to 100 N. Western Avenue) on
Jackson St.
Old-fashioned wood-floor stores, like some sort of small-town hardware stores-
but bigger. Aisles and aisles of wood and steel bins of loose components and
parts- Bins of tube sockets, caps, resistors, transformers, TV parts, tuners-
Ham gear in the back. You name it. You served yourself like you'd bag stuff up
in the bulk food section of a supermarket and brought it up to the counter.
The exact antithesis of today's blister-packed parts at Radio Shack.

The wierdness is that I'm barely 50 and there's been so many changes over only
the last 35 years from that horse-and-buggy era of radio.

My understanding is that Cortland street, where New York's famous Radio Row
was located is now beneath where the World Trade Center was built.

Anyone game for an archeological expedition to some big-city landfills? I need
some coil slugs for an R-389...


Bill  KD0HG
Berthoud, Colorado

= = =

I wonder if any "old timers" out there remember Fort Orange Radio in
Albany NY. It was owned by Uncle Dave Marks. I wish I could remember
his call.

Bill Russell

= = =

As a teenager in the 50's I used to ride my bicycle down to Henry Radio on
Olympic Blvd in West Los Angeles. They had rooms with new equipment that
you could try out, but the real attraction for me was the used equipment.
They had rooms for Xmtrs and Rcvrs. I used to drool over the used
Hallicrafters, National, and Hammerlund receivers stacked from floor to
ceiling in those rooms. I'd buy, maybe, a CK-722 for $.99 or some other
component for the project I was building and ride back home to listen to my
3 tube regenerative receiver.

I was in LA on business a few years ago and had some time to kill. I
stopped by the "new" store on Bundy. What a disappointment, but I guess the
nature of their business has changed. Candy stores just are not what they
used to be.


= = =

Must not forget the WRL store in Council Bluffs... Leo and his son Larry
were there, so was all of the best stuff the 60's and 70's could muster.

Bob  Since 1962   Now G4VGO

= = =

Don't forget Henry Radio in LA.  I bought a used Collins 75A-3 there
in 1959 and flew home to northern California on a Lockheed Electra,
with the radio under my feet as carry on luggage.  Some guy wheeled 
in an excellent KW-1 and it sold in ten minutes...but not for the $25K
some people are getting for them nowadays.

Has anyone been in Fair Radio Sales in Lima, Ohio recently?  I
stopped by there around Christmas 1968 and it was the last real
surplus store I ever saw - dark corners, unidentifiable stuff on 
the floor, the smell of MFP and excellent prices.  From their web 
page it looks like they have a mix of stuff now.  See:

73 Don K6LTS

= = =

I grew up in a suburb of Wilmington, Delaware.  I thought I was in heaven
because we had both a Lafayette Radio store AND a Radio Shack store within
one mile of my family's home!  As you might imagine, a whole lot of my lawn
mowing, paper route, and babysitting dollars ended up being spent at those
two establishments!  Ah, the good ol' days.  I sure miss Lafayette Radio...

Dean, K5DH
Visit my amateur radio web site at

= = =

Hi all, been following this thread for a while. Can't remember their
names but there was a sorta radio row/surplus in San Antonio, TX in
the late 60's early 70's just off the downtown area. Any one remember
Texas Surplus Sales which was off WW White and was the state surplus
outlet ?. And lastly the sorta candy store that I have not seen
mentioned is Burnsteen Applybe ( sp ) last one I remember was the one
in the Citadel Mall in Colorado Springs Co in the early 70's. Good mix
of RS type new stuff and JUNQUE as well as ham gear.

Mike N0QFV  since starting as WN5PMR in 1966

= = =

Hmm.. Did Lafayette totally go out of business? there used to be one here in
Portland,but I tried to call them a few months ago,only to find that thier
number had been disconnected?..  curious.. They had alot of stuff that I would
be interested in now.. when I went there a few years ago,there wasn't much that
peaked my interest..

- Skrewball

= = =

There is a Lafayette Radio at URL:
Sez been around since 1946 -- maybe the same. Sells Hi-fi stuff now.
73 From Rod AC6V In San Diego
700 Ham Topics & 6,000 Links

= = = 

Here in Detroit our 50's/60's candy stores were M.N. Duffy, Reno Radio, 
RSE Ham Shack, Lafayette Radio (sorta), all in the downtown area.
Also had surplus heavens, Silverstine's, and Lambrecht's. Probably
a few more I've forgotten. Often spent Saturday mornings making the 
circuit, just to see what was new, or what had been traded in.
Chuck Reti  WV8A   Detroit,MI

= = =

Even our little 'dog-crossing' town of Charlotte had a good
surplus store, at least up into the 70's when I moved away. 
Surplus Electronics run by Bill Cornell, I think the fella was. 
Later his son ran it.
They were on E. 3rd or 4th @ Cecil St. (later-Kings Dr). back in
the 60s, then later on S. Blvd near Tremont and I think somewhere
else in-between.
  I had some great finds in there.  It was a
bring-your-own-thermos-of-coffee and a flashlight kind of place. 
One of the more notorious things was what appeared to be the
complete inventory from the Hammarlund plant closing in Mars Hill,
NC.  I found the complete 160 meter coil set for my HX-50A...they
had these coils by the hundreds!  I also stocked up on a bunch of
the 60Kc (or was it 50?) IF xfmrs for my -170 cuz my teenage ham
hands were always cracking the slugs trying to tweak more DX out
of the radio.
Does anybody else remember this one?

-Bill WX4A

= = =

In the Washington, DC area the "Electronic Equipment Bank", better known
as EEB, was the local Candy Store. A real ham store, they sold tons of
new and used gear, and also carried an extensive line of swl receivers.
A very cool place. They were big in swl mailorder, but the ham business
was mostly local walk-in. Closed for years, now; I still see some of the
old staff at hamfests in the area. Great while it lasted.

= = =

I fondly remember going to the surplus shops in the West End of London in the 
early 1960s.

I began traveling down there by train around 1963-65 where we used to find great 
shops like Z & I AERO SERVICES that sold surplus radios, components etc. This was 
truly a "Radio Row" on and around Tottenham Court Road. In that area today, there 
are numerous shops run by Asians (mostly from India) selling inferior quality 
consumer electronics products for bargain prices.

There was nothing like it! It was like a hamfest on the pavement, 
with military  surplus rigs and boxes of parts spilling out everywhere!

 - Brian, AF4K

= = =

I grew up about 40 miles from Chicago and remember the stores on S. Michigan Ave, 
as well as the Newark and Allied stores that KD0HG mentioned.

I can't remember the name of all the stores on Michigan Ave. One was always piled 
from floor to ceiling with ARC-5's in boxes. Another primarily had connectors. 
I remember thinking I got a bargain when I got some 50 foot connectorized lengths 
of so-called RG-8 coax for a buck apiece. Turns out they had rubber dialectric,
intentionally lossy - at least 20dB at 10 meters!

One store was run by a large woman (we called her "Big Bertha") and her meek hubby.  Lotsa transformers & misc junk. After the Michigan Ave places shut down, she moved 
to another store, I think on Wabash Ave.

On Michigan, there was also Majestic store. You could get cabinets and great buys 
on pretty good speakers there.

A few miles East of Allied's store on Western Ave, was their surplus outlet place. 
This was old stock, stuff that had come in for repair and never reclaimed, 
trade-ins, whatever. Lots of good deals there.

                              Bob Roehrig, K9EUI
                    Aurora University    Telecom dept.
                    73 de K9EUI 

= = =

Meshna was in Lynn, MA I think.  I went there a couple of times when I lived in Boston 
in the mid-70's.  Cheap ARC-5 transmitters and receivers, various parts.  I got 
a couple of big speaker enclosures that followed me for 20 years.  I've still got 
some broadcast replacement variable caps that he was selling at three for five bucks 
or something like that.  Wish I had bought more!

Also remember Young Engineering in Salem, I think.  Not so much electronic oriented, 
but lots of surplus "good stuff".  They were featured in one of Boston's alternative
papers in the mid-70's (Phoenix or Real Paper, maybe) in an article called - 
"A Lode of Junk on the North Shore".  They got a lot of business out of that for a while.

My favorite was always Eli Heffron's in Cambridge.  Lots of parts to paw through and 
all pretty cheap.  Those places may be gone now, but I have a representative sample 
in my garage!

John, KU4AF
Pittsboro, NC 

= = =

San Francisco's Market Street Surplus Emporiums bring back lots of 50s memories
1. Standard Surplus  probably the quintessential electronics surplus store.  Dark and dank.  Both side walls floor to ceiling command sets and othe junk.  large bins of tubes, narrow walk ways carved through the junk laying on the floor.  And to those familiar with the place and with permission from the guy behind the counter, a verbal pass to venture into the basement where real treasures could be found as busy worker bees unpacked incoming things, took them apart, and then shipped components from these things to far away places. 
2.  Marty's Surplus store a more upscale store with prices to go with the more orderly environment.  More test equipment, but still a lot of WWII surplus stuff.
These places went away with the Market Street Beautification Program part of the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) project.
Across the bay at the Oakland Airport
1.    Robert's surplus.  More avionics, but lots of WWII stuff too
2.    Mike Quinns...Mostly parts and junk.. Environment more like         Standard Surplus in SFO
Favorite Mail Order surplus outlets from that period were:
 R and W electronics in Chicago
SAMS Surplus in Los Angeles
Fair Radio during their early Dymo Label Catalog days
73 - Bob, KE6F

= = =

I got in on the tail end of those wonderful San Francisco surplus stores.  They were good for many a Saturday outing with my one radio-interested buddy.  I even wandered down into the basement (without any permission) one time.  In those stores the possibilities seemed unlimited.
I managed to find a single boxed 807 while rummaging through boxes of loose junk at Standard Surplus.  It cost me $1.50 (I know because I still have the tube and the box and the price marked on it).  I never built that tube into a rig when I was younger, and now I keep it as a memento, but it really does deserve to make some RF in its life.  I've even got a half-finished 6AG7-807 rig sitting around somewhere with that particular tube in mind...
73, Mike, KK6GM

= = =

In Pittsburgh, there was one notorious surplus place in town called Paul's Surplus. 
The proprietor was Paul Warhola - Andy Warhol's brother! Paul's was in an old house 
which still stands on busy Route 88. There was a decrepit Nash automobile permanently
parked out back, next to the entrance. Bare bulbs hung from the ceiling over rows of 
dime-store-style counters loaded with parts and sub assemblies of every kind. 
It was mostly military. But also ham gear and GE Progress Line mobiles. 
Shelving lined the walls floor to ceiling with every describable surplus goodie. 
Along one of the top shelves, Paul had a bunch of old 3-dialers with horn speakers 
on display. They were theoretically for sale. But no one ever bought one. 
I was always hanging around Pauls in the late '60's and he eventually hired me 
to help clean out the estates that he was buying. We'd pull up in a flat bed truck 
with tall wooden sides and "carefully" stack all the gear and boxes of parts 
on the truck. Sometimes the estate would include Hi-Fi gear and we'd stop at 
Paul's house to drop that off instead of taking it to the store. Paul's did 
a booming business while I was around and was a gathering place for hams. 
I graduated HS and moved away. When I came back, it was gone and I never 
knew what happened to it. 

73, Don Merz

= = =

How about mail order joints? One of my favorites was United Electronics in Newark, NJ. They probably had a walk-in store too, but I was never there. I did business with them in the late 1960's and early 70's. Some items I bought were a hi-fi push-pull (5 kohm p-p to 8 ohms) audio output transformer for $0.99, and a push-pull 2A3 to push-pull class AB2 interstage transformer for $1.99. Should have bought a dozen of each, but didn't have much in the way of spending money back then. This era was 7th - 9th grade for me. They used to advertise a list of $0.33 tubes in Popular Electronics, Radio/TV Experimenter, etc. Probably used/tested pulls. I have a few of their catalogs I saved from this timeframe and was reading through it the other day; brough tears to my eyes.

73, Larry / NE1S 

= = =

Here is another memory,
The Roger Minor Surplus Electronics Store off Milford CT. All of the good
old stuff, ARC 5 commands sets, tones of tubes, 813s for <$10, dynomotors,
etc. Roger was also a ham although I can't recall his call sign. He was
chief engineer of WFIF also in Milford CT, a country music station at the
time. He closed the store sometime in the late 70s and moved to Florida. I
bought a lot of stuff there, in the days of my youth.

Paul A. Litwinovich, N1MUC

= = =

KG4ERX List of Surplus Electronics Places - mostly in Ohio, Florida, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

More BA History from Rod, AC6V

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