Some of these are REALLY NAMES OF ACTUAL GROUPS! He he!

Depeche Mudd
ILL Niño
Tutu Tango
Tutu Boys
The Hat Trickles
The Seldom Senile (Bluegrass Punks)
Terry Dactyl And The Dinosaurs
Brad Naylor & The Pow-R Tules
Little Ed And The Big Heads
Felony Us Monk
The Aqua Bats
Ice Pac
Ice Box
Ice Cream
Vanilla Ice Cream with Eric Clapscratch
TuPac Insecure
Tupop Tarts
Rapping Gibberish Idiots
Techno Prisoners
Cherry Pie Ducks
University Weasel
Pikop Andropov
Pointless Limo
The Gorgonz, featuring Ola Chiz
Gothic Cuckoos
Chinese Spasm Brother
Wee Davie and the Great Big Huge
AC Outlet-DC Battery
Siouxsie and the Banshees
Siouxsie and the Band Cheese
Siouxsie and the Banned Cheese
Susie and the Creamchees
Denise and De Nephews
Spastic Monkey Moose Fish
Jelly Mambo Snail
Mariah Paddy
Mott the Applejuice
The Donkeys
Don McKey & The Donkeys
Donovan Dunlevy & The Donkeys
Don Key & The Funky Monkeys
Wounded Prune
Flagellant Fluke Moose
Ella Fant-Gerald and the Riddle Fiddles
Virginia Slim and The Choking Regulars
Pyong Yang Boingo Gang
Fresh Road Kill
Four Dudes Really Avoiding Reality
Phlegmatic Phleas
Slime-wit Men
Football Riot Squad
Stream of Unconsciousness
Bonnie Ouie and the Bay Bees
Neil Young & The Octogenerians
Spinach Inquisition
The Talkative Mimes
Intellectual Beauty Queens
Arthour Ashe and the Dog-ends
Clara Smud
Anarchistic Peasants
Charles Hawtree and the Deaf-aids
Cerebral Hemispheres
Heinous Veins
Funboy One
Bigger Than Your Opinion
Bugger Your Opinion!
The Petshop Germs
Rastafarian Smurfs
Cynical Rap Mumblers
The Old Fogeys
Twisted Mother-in-law
The Artist Formerly Known as "Prince Charming"
The Artist Formerly Known as "Prince Charles"
The Artist Formerly Known as "Something-or-other-but-now-I-forget"
Spandex Ballet
Meat Wood Flack
George Thoroughly Notgood & The Destroyers of Everything Musical
Spandex Poseurs
Frampton's Hampton
Heron Hymn
Reciprocal Cattle Raiders
Grim Weeper
Partickle Physique
Schizophrenic Chimps
Tame Shrew
Sea Auteurs
Squeaking Whales
Speeding Tree Sloths
Llama Preservation Society
Lergie Parasites
Primal Shrug
Action Klaxon
Fighting Hippies
Bewildered Mildred
Slim Profile and the Anorexics
Brave Cowards
Idle Frets
Brain Pain
Bread Pain
Barney's Bullet
The Psycho Fants
Muldoon Remedy
Secondhand Electric Donkey Bottom Biters
Milli Tusilli
Silli Vanilli
Insane Clown Posse
Fat Foomph
The Food Fighters
Buns 'N' Dozes
Featuring Axl DeGrese
Nuns 'n' Moses
Mormons with Maps
Psychedelic Oven Mitts
Argh, Gent!
Better than Ezekiel
Better than YOUR band
Da Weasel and Insect Zappa
Farting Dorks

A few more unusual names of real bands - dead link.

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Here's a list of punk group names already in use!

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