The Boatanchors Directory

Old radio and transmitter enthusiasts' web pages about their hobby of collecting and operating all kinds of older radio equipment using tubes, and/or building their own equipment. Arranged into dozens of sub-categories that help in locating information etc.

Buying and Selling

Sites about buying and selling old radios and accessories including directories, price guides, classified ads sites and swap shops.


Informational sites about crystals.


Parts and equipment suppliers, stores and businesses that cater to old radio enthuisiasts.


Web sites about EICO radios and test equipment.


Websites related to this manufacturer of radios in the earlier days of radio.


Web Pages that have information specifically about Harvey-Wells radio equipment.


Sites that describe how to use and evaluate headphones, especially with older radio receivers.


These sites are all about Heathkit radios and their many other fine radio and electronics products


Information about amateur radio-related kits including some that use older technology.


Web sites that feature information about radios etc. made or sold by Lafayette Radio Co.


Information about nets, special events, frequencies and other aspects of using ancient amateur radio equipment.


radio COmponents and where to find them

Personal Collections

Contains sites with significant information about personal radio collections or personal webpages being primarily focused on boatanchors, but being too broad to fit into a more specific category.


Information about tubes for old radios homebrewing etc. Has sub-categories for tube data pages online and for dealers.

Vintage Solid State

Web sites that feature older solid state radios such as Drake, Yaesu, Kenwood, TenTec etc.

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